Daily Archives: March 22, 2005

Fred’s really gettin around

Seems as if Fred has made it all the way to the Caribbean, maties. First he started out with Chuck, then moved on to Nick, then to Harvey (who is always a Bad Example), then to Ogre, where he shared a few large turkey legs and rampages, then Oddybobo, and then stopped in to to […]

Pirate Thongs

This is the pirate thong that all the fashionable damsels wear. Chicks who wear pirate thongs support Basil in his blogwar! Gizoogle Paris Hilton’s cell phone number The Niggas at DFNCTSC Strip clubs in Ohio with midget strippers Girls big tit Free big tit sites Jamie Lynn Spears naked

Ecosystem thing

So, checking the Ecosystem stats, and, somehow, I ended up at 104! I eventually figured it out, and, I am going to do the correct thing and fix the issue. Essentially, I own a domain name "thepiratescove.us." I added it in so I could merge it with my piratescove.typepad.com/piratescove address in the ecosphere, then do […]

Sign the 180’s, John

It’s that time again. Day 51 since Kerry promised to sign his 180’s. John Kerry has flip flopped multiple times on releasing his 180’s. See this previous post for the back and forth waffleing by big weenie. He has stated unequivically that he will sign his Form 180 without conditions. Lets help him with this. […]

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