Ecosystem thing

So, checking the Ecosystem stats, and, somehow, I ended up at 104! I eventually figured it out, and, I am going to do the correct thing and fix the issue.

Essentially, I own a domain name "" I added it in so I could merge it with my address in the ecosphere, then do a domain name change. I have been doing some testing to see how that would work without loosing butloads of the links I have earned. Problem is, and this never happened before, I forwarded the domain name to my main blog (the one ending with /piratescove), and I ended up with 130 extra links. While that is nice and all, that is not fair, and seems to me to be cheating. So, that will be fixed today, as I moved the forwarding elsewhere.

If there is anyone out there who pops by who is familiar with merging blogs in the Ecosystem, please, I begeth thee, check out the 2 different "Pirate’s Cove" entries, both in the top 250 in large mammals, and let me know what you think will happen. Essentially, what I want is for the main entry to be, with alternates of and TIA

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10 Responses to “Ecosystem thing”

  1. Ogre says:

    Aha! So that’s how you can cheat for higher rankings…

    And sorry, I haven’t done anything with switching over addresses related to the Ecosystem. I’m considering switching off Blogger, so I might have to one day…

  2. JulieB says:

    I have and I want to set up my own server, so i’m interested in seeing how you project goes, Teach. I have some computer geek friends who are “helping” me with a Linux server…. oye.

  3. JulieB says:

    tried to go look at TTLB and it’s, um, “busy”. Now, what is a guy doing when he says he’s busy, hmmm? Kidding….

  4. I know that the merging works, have tried it with 2 Tripod sites I created to test. My biggest concern is that the majority of people who have me listed as will not show up in rankings anymore, though I have a test out there for today that should give me more info tommorrow.

    Then, the fun would start. Have to get many a blogger coalition changed. And so on.

    One big issue is that there are 4 ways to enter my site now, but only 1 will get traffic recorded in sitemeter.

  5. Chad says:

    TTLB isn’t that stable. My ranking goes up and down from 3000-5000 up to the 100 range constantly. What causes it?
    The Blogs for Bush blogroll. Since it changes every day or so, if you happen to be on the blogroll when TTLB does it’s scan, you’ll rank high. If you don’t happen to be on the list when it scans, you’ll go back to where you are “supposed to be.”

  6. well, to be tricky, what you you have to do is make sure that you are on the Blogs for Bush blogroll at least once every 7 days when the scan is done. 😉

    part of what the ecosystem does is scan active links for the past 7 days. Blog links are supposed to last permanently. Side bars are for the past 7.

  7. Janette says:

    William ~ I have the same problem. I was up to almost the top 100 and then one day my rank plummeted. It took me a couple of days to figure out that my blog had somehow split. I have three incoming addresses, only one was ranked but suddenly the scan had picked up a second address and split my links. Now I’m at around 140 and 1400. I tried the merge and was unsuccessful.

    Plus it scared the crap out of me. I don’t know anything about html code, I could have broken the entire Internet or at least seriously wounded my own blog!

    When you figure your problem out, if you have any tips for me they would be greatly appreciated.

    (Not only by me but by all the other users of the Internet in the world who would probably very ticked if a dumb technophobic blonde broke the web and spoiled everyone’s fun!)

  8. So that’s how it got broke. Call AL Gore! 🙂

    I noticed that you had a bunch of different entries, since I was checking out how you had things set up, being a typepad user and all. I think if people have you linked as, you should get a link on your main site. But, with the TLB issues starting yesterday, cannot check. I might just say the hell with it, and go for it.

  9. Janette says:

    Sadly, even I probably know more about html coding than Al Gore!

    I say go for it. The Ecosystem is fun and all but you can’t let it rule your blog.

    Oops! Just tried to check your eco details and it says you’re not found or suspended!

    You broke it!

  10. Apparently it doesn’t like the creative naming that I did. My Pet Jawa has the same issue. Oh, well, back to the regular formatting.

    Apparently, it doesn’t like “my ecosystem details” link at this time.

    I probably should just go for it. I am off tommorrow, so I am going to try a domain change just to make sure it works, cause I had issues with a test typepad domain. Worked fine for the American Flag site. If all goes well, I will removed the forwarding, and do a domain merge, provide the TLB stays up.

    Preciate ya, Janette!

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