Daily Archives: March 20, 2005

Blog Wars-I have made a choice

After many negotiations and thongs, I have decided to donate me cutlass in the defense of Basil in his war against Sortapundit. Unlike Switzerland, I can be bribed with thongs gold links. Especially since I am page 1 of google for pirate thongs. Gizoogle Paris Hilton’s cell phone number The Niggas at DFNCTSC Strip clubs […]

The Tarheel Tavern-week 4

The Tarheel Tavern is a weekly blog carnival of North Carolina bloggers. Writers do not necessarily have to live in NC, but their posts have to be about North Carolina. The Tarheel Tavern home page is here. Previous hosts have been Science and Politics, Pratie Place, and Ogre’s Politics and Views. Next week’s host is […]

How American Are You?

It’s sorta Blogless Sunday. Enjoy

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