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TarHeel Tavern

Well, Happy Sunday, and welcome to another fine edition of the Tar Heel Tavern. Only recieved a few entries this week, but, I think I will yank some from the usual characters. To start off, Bora at Science and Politics discusses Malaria and Melatonin. Mosquitos are something we definately know about in NC. Erin at […]

The Tarheel Tavern

This weeks Tavern is up at iddybud. Stop by and check it out!

TarHeel Tavern

This weeks Tavern is up at Ogre’s Politics and Views. Everyone go read. Ogre has done his normal stellar job, making something great out of literally almost nothing.

TarHeel Tavern-Week 12

This weeks Tavern is up at Pam’s House Blend. Also, I apoligize for not have the link up correctly during the past week. Totally spaced it.

TarHeel Tavern-Week 10.

This weeks Tavern is up at Viewfinder BLUES. Go visit and read. Lenslinger has done a great job, even making my relatively boring post look good. Thanks, Lenslinger!

Isn’t she a beauty?

  Nothing intense this week for the Tavern. Just a picture of this little darling, which has actually been nesting outside of the mall for a few weeks. Surprisingly, no one has been attacked by either her or the gander yet, I supposed there are a few bright folks in the world who realize they […]

Tarheel Tavern week 8

This weeks Tar Heel Tavern is up at Pseudonymous UNC Student. Go visit, good stuff.

The Pactolus Light

I was discussing some stuff with some old East Carolina buds yesterday, and an old local legend came up, the Pactolus Light. I’d heard about it before, but had never been out that way. So, I went and tracked down some info on this myth (or is it?) Sometime in the early 1900’s a young […]

The Tarheel Tavern

This weeks Tarheel Tavern is up at 2sides2ron. Ye go visit.

Wild Horses of Corolla

One of the truly spectacular places to visit in North Carolina is the Outer Banks. There are many fabulous sites to see, and things to do. And just as spactacular are the wild horses that live on the Outer Banks. Yes, real wild horses. For over 400 years these horses, descendents of Arabian horses, have […]

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