Wild Horses of Corolla

One of the truly spectacular places to visit in North Carolina is the Outer Banks. There are many fabulous sites to see, and things to do. And just as spactacular are the wild horses that live on the Outer Banks.

Image hosting by Photobucket Yes, real wild horses. For over 400 years these horses, descendents of Arabian horses, have roamed free along North Carolinas Outer banks. The horses themselves were bred long ago to survive in harsh environments, and are known as Barb horses, for the Barbary Coast where they were bred. Spanish and Portugese explorers brought the Barb’s with them to the shores of America back in the 1500’s.

During the next 2 centuries, other horses of Spanish descent were transported to the New World, breeding with the Barb’s. And, over time, these horses became less and less domestic, to the point where they roam wild and free, or at least as free as they can in the ever populating portions of the Outer Banks.

Image hosting by Photobucket The Outer Banks are a tough environment. Hot sand and sun, along with tropical storms in the summer, cold ocean winds, freezing rain, and the occasional Nor’easter and snow storm in the winter. Salt water all the time. Plus the human population and what we bring. For most, this would be a harsh environment to thrive in. For the horses of Corolla, it is home.

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5 Responses to “Wild Horses of Corolla”

  1. JulieB says:

    You know we hear all about the Chincoteague ponies, but I hadn’t heard about these horses. Not bad looking for wild horses – do they live entirely off of the salt grasses or do people feed them?
    They seem to be enjoying the ocean. Good place to cool off I’m sure.
    Several times during summer my friends and i haul our horses the 1/2 hr to the coast and ride on the beach. It’s a huge amount of fun. We go early in the morning and the cool windy air makes the horses a bit wahoo and we race along the empty beach on the hard sand right where the waves come up. We always come back, tired, grinning from ear to ear, and everything is covered in sand. The horses’ feet throws it up as you gallop.

  2. They pretty much live off the land. The park service, police, etc, do what they can to keep people away from the horses and vice versa. They actually thrive to the point where there can be too many for the food supply. I’ve been there many a time and seen them. Beautifal animals.

  3. Christy says:

    I am looking for a place to where I can ride horses on the beach. I am an experienced rider and it has always been my deam is there anyway you can help me with this? Me and my husband will be visiting in JUne.

  4. Well, I will be honest, I am not sure where you can do that on any beaches in NC. Best would be to check with the NC Visitors Guide. Don’t know much about horses beyond that they are very beautiful animals, and the wild ones on the outer banks are spectacular.

  5. brianne says:

    .. gosh i need help on finding information on corolla horses! i need more!!!! if anyone knows where i could get some or you have some email me [email protected] … PLEASE PLEASE


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