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Serious time. Jay at Stop The ACLU needs YOUR help. Go here, and contact your local Congress Critter to make sure your tax money from going to the ACLU.

Music Meme

Jess at Life…Or Something Like It tagged me with a Music Meme. Call me crazy, but I like meme’s. It is a nice way (usually, remember the Turd in a Punch Bowl meme) to find out info about people. I promised I would do this last Sunday, but, I got caught up in playing with […]

American Flag Bidness

We have a few new wonderful folks joining the American Flag League: Blogmeister USA Hector Vex’s Infotainment Welcome aboard, Maties!

Signeth and Release Thou Records, Evil Kerry!

Return, forgetful John Kerry, and straight redeem In gentle numbers time it has been 114 days since thou made thy promise; Signeth thy 180’s, and release all thy records to yon public If time have any wrinkle graven there; thouest should bequeeth it on thine public, And make time’s spoils despised everywhere. Give thy records […]

More from the “Religion of Peace”

Don’t desecrate the Koran or Muslim icons. Cause the Islamofascists are doing just fine themselves. KARACHI, Pakistan May 31, 2005 — A suicide bomber blew himself up during evening prayers at a Shiite mosque Monday, killing one worshipper and wounding 20. The bomber slipped into the mosque during a gunbattle with police that left another […]

Where’s the MSM?

The Jawa Report has a story that the MSM has seemed to avoid, regarding a former hostage in Iraq being indicted in Romania for conspiracy to kidnap Romanians in Iraq. The rub is that this man, Mohammed Monaf, is an American citizen. Go read it all.

6 months of Common Sense

Yes, that’s right, it has been 6 months since Janette started Common Sense Runs Wild. Go here and throw some congrats her way.

On Memorial Day


Rangel is calling for a draft. Again.

Here we go again, Charlie Rangel is calling for a draft: Rep. Charles Rangel is once again pushing a bill to re-instate the military draft, a year after the effort caused a flurry of campaign-season conflict over the war in Iraq. Rangel, an anti-war Democrat from Harlem, offered the same measure last year, only to […]

American Flag Bidness

Everyone say "Hello" to Mean Ol’ Meany, the newest member of the American Flag League. Welcome aboard, Maties!

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