Daily Archives: May 17, 2005

American Flag Bidness

Some more great folks added to the American Flag League: Davidandlara Apartment 3D Welcome aboard, maties!

The Penis Post

No, this isn’t about John Kerry. Nor Kennedy, Reid, Dean, etc. There is actually alot of news about male members out there. Gotta hurt: A North Shore man who suffered a fractured penis while making love with his girlfriend cannot sue her for recklessness because the couple were engaged in consensual sex, the state Appeals […]

Sign your 180’s, Monsieur Kerry

Perhaps we can help. It’s been 107 days since he said he would sign them. Remember this? The furor over military credentials hasn’t ended with the campaign. Kerry pledged to sign Form 180, releasing all of his military records, but challenged his critics, including Bush, to do the same. ”I want them to sign it, […]

Bonfire at The Conservative Cat

Bonfire of the Vanities, week #99, is up at the Conservative Cat. Ferdy has done a great job getting his pet human Bruce to type it up, go read it. I am in it, of course, along with many of the standard players. Don’t you want to be in the BOTV too?

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