Daily Archives: May 12, 2005

Nancy Gets Her Prince Charming

On the heels of Pelosi with Class (still a little queezy over that :D), looks like Nancy has had a Cinderella experience: It was a Cinderella story, Capitol Hill style. Starring as Prince Charming, freshman Rep. Dave Reichert dropped to his knees Thursday in the midst of a news conference and handed over a beige […]

A Frenchman involved in wrong doing? OMG

It just boggles the mind. One of Chirac’s buddies has been implicated in the Oil For Food scandal, that thing the Leftazoids wish would go away so that the US can hand over it’s security and military control to it. A longtime ally of French President Jacques Chirac and a leading British critic of the […]

Kerry still the butt

From Jay Leno last night: "A plane came within 3 miles of the White House today. Did you hear about this? That’s closer then John Kerry ever came." And closer then the Dems will come anytime in at least the next 10-20 years, minimum.

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