Daily Archives: May 16, 2005

The Kerry Plan?

This is absurd. Someone on the Left is actually calling for the "Kerry Plan" to be used in Iraq. Once the author gets done with the normal left wing rants, Bush, Bush, Bolton, Rice, Bush, blah blah blah, and regurgitating standard "it’s not done yet" regarding democratizing countries like this is a video game rather […]

Po Po

That means "thank you," and it is all the wonderful people who linked me from my "whoring for links" post. I have run out of time, gotta go to a meeting, but I will say who these great people are when I get home. No PC access till then. But I am away from the […]

That killer Newsweak story

By now, most folks already know about the Newsweak story that is really killer. Literally. It is another example of the media not doing their jobs prior to publication. Now, one of the problems with today’s media is the need to get their story out fast. Otherwise, someone will scoop them, with all the outlets […]

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