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Moderate #$%^&^%$^er’s

Great. Wonderful. Awesome. <<<<<<sarcasm. Complete nimrods A bipartisan group of senators reached an agreement after days of talks to avert a showdown Tuesday over President Bush’s judicial nominees, Sen. John McCain announced Monday evening. Bite me. (If you are looking for proper discussion on this, ‘taint going to happen: this pisses me off). More: These […]

New Blog Showcase

Jody at Steal the Bandwagon has stolen the New Blog Showcase this week, and has done a bangup job of showcasing (couldn’t resist) a bunch of great new bloggers. Stop by her spot (don’t steal anything) and check out some of the new talent. Also, she has link to some great blogging helpers that. Go. […]

American Flag Bidness

Everyone give a warm welcome to Ravings of John C. A. Bambenek, as he is inducted into the American Flag League. Welcome aboard, matie! PS: he is also hosting this weeks Bonfire of the Vanities, #100! So get those entries in!

Newsweak Responds

In the May 30th edition of Newsweak, Chairman and Editor in Chief Richard M Smith responds: As most of you know, we have unequivocally retracted our story. In the light of the Pentagon's denials and our source's changing position on the allegation, the only responsible course was to say that we no longer stand by […]

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