Daily Archives: May 1, 2005

Site Search Functionality

Basil has a series going on Learning To Blog. He is on Part VI: Site Search. Just wanted to chip in my 2 gold dubloons, and add a little bit. Also, you can visit Harvey,who really isn’t a Bad Example, and whose posts helped me alot when I first started. This is the code that […]

How about just dredging it?

Ok, gotta break sorta-blogless-Sunday, but this is too good to ignore North Carolina’s shallow coastal waterways see a steady stream of traffic from fishing boats, tour trips and outdoor enthusiasts. But this year, uncertain federal funding has threatened officials’ ability to keep those inlets and channels open. State lawmakers have commissioned a study of the […]

Even in the stone age

The Sith Cove

Well, not truly. I’m not going that far. But, after a conversation with JulieB, I thought it was about time to do some alteration, waiting for the movie to come out. Still cannot get that pesky header color to mix perfectly. Oh, well. Anyone else out there as psyched for “The Revenge of the Sith” […]

American Flag Bidness

We have several new members to the American Flag League. Welcome aboard Bronxpundit and Merri Musings.

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Pirate's Cove