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Well, not truly. I’m not going that far. But, after a conversation with JulieB, I thought it was about time to do some alteration, waiting for the movie to come out. Still cannot get that pesky header color to mix perfectly. Oh, well.

Anyone else out there as psyched for “The Revenge of the Sith” as me? As I discussed with JulieB, I refuse to look at any of the trailers, read anything about it, look at the promo material, read the book. etc. Nada. I wanted the full “WOW!” experience.

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However, I’ll throw this one in.

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5 Responses to “The Sith Cove”

  1. jody says:

    well if darth is going to be hanging around your site for awhile, he should at least have an eye patch. 🙂

  2. moehawk says:

    yeah, i’m stoked to see the third movie in the series…as long as it doesn’t have a certain gay lizard in it…

    not that there’s anything wrong with being a lizard, or even gay…

    being a crappy gay lizard actor, however….i have issues about that.

    yeah, yeah, blame it on the animators…

  3. moehawk says:

    oh yeah…Giants are on a winning streak!

  4. Eric says:

    I’m stoked.

    Ditto Jody

    Ditto moehawk

    I worry about Dr. Rusty Shackleford, however. He may have to change his underwear several times that day.

  5. Good point, Eric. Might be having to give Rusty some sedatives the week before the release. Heck, may have to give me some, too 🙂

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