Daily Archives: May 3, 2005

Blog stuff

While we are on the subject of How To Blog, let me add a few things. First, you may have noticed folks with strange Truth Laid Bear things, like mine which says I am a "Large Mammal with a Light Saber." How do you do that? SImple. Use a code like this: I am a<br […]

Bonfire of the Vanities

This weeks Bonfire of the Vanities, week 96, is up at File It Under. Ye go there and read. I will be hosting it next week, followed by the Conservative Cat. So make sure you get your entries in. The format will be not what you think 🙂

Song in the head

Have you ever had a song running through your head that you just cannot get out? Sure ya have. Fortuitously, mine is N.I.B by Black Sabbath. Could be worse, could be Ice, Ice, Baby by Vanilla Ice Ice, ice baby (da da da dadada da) Ice, ice baby You’re welcome. 🙂

Sign your 180’s, you big weenie!

It’s that time again. Day 93 since Kerry promised to sign his 180’s. John Kerry has flip flopped multiple times on releasing his 180’s. See this previous post for the back and forth waffleing by the big weenie. He has stated unequivically that he will sign his Form 180 without conditions. Lets help him with […]

Verification for ID: what a concept

Making states actually do something crazy, like check multiple forms if identification to make sure that 1. people are who they are and 2. they are US citizens, is moving along in the Senate. Senate negotiators on Monday accepted a House plan to make states verify that driver’s license applicants are U.S. citizens or legal […]

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