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TarHeel Tavern-Week 12

This weeks Tavern is up at Pam’s House Blend. Also, I apoligize for not have the link up correctly during the past week. Totally spaced it.

You don’t say

Insurgents. Freedom Fighters. Rebels. Martyrs.Just some of the words that the media has used to describe what the anti American and Iraqi government forces are. Um, no. Who are the suicide bombers of Iraq? By the radicals’ account, they are an internationalist brigade of Arabs, with the largest share in the online lists from Saudi […]

American Flag button

For all the wonderful people out there who would like an icon or button for the American Flag League, here are the “official” ones. Obviously, you can use whatever you want as a picture header for the AFL blogroll. This is the button, 100 pixels wide.   This is the blogroll banner, 160 pixels wide.

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Pirate's Cove