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Runaway Bride: one and only post

This shall be my one and only post on the "Runaway Bride." To me, she did not appologize, what with having her lawyer read a statement, rather then her doing it. My 2 gold pieces, she needs to pay the costs of the search for her off, as well as do some community service, at […]

I think I am Republican

Via Danz Family, who I have been perusing (yes, I do check out all the sites I add to the American Flag League, I don’t just search for the Flag), comes this test I am:79%Republican. "To you, Fox News really is ‘Fair and Balanced’." Are You A Republican?

American Flag Bidness

Ye swabs welcome Danz Family to the American Flag League. Welcome aboard, Maties!

Gee, Thanks for the lesson, Nancy

From the Desk of Nancy "clueless" Pelosi about Cinco de Mayo: "On May 5, 1862, outnumbered and outgunned, Mexican forces successfully defended the town of Puebla against the French. Since that historic victory, Cinco de Mayo has come to represent freedom and self-determination for the people of Mexico, and it is a symbol of Hispanic […]

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