Verification for ID: what a concept

Making states actually do something crazy, like check multiple forms if identification to make sure that 1. people are who they are and 2. they are US citizens, is moving along in the Senate.

Senate negotiators on Monday accepted a House plan to make states verify that driver’s license applicants are U.S. citizens or legal immigrants but softened House-proposed changes in asylum laws.

The immigration measures are part of a bill to pay for continuing military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Still unresolved was how much more money to spend on border security.

It’s a good darn idea. As a resident of one of the States that will realistically give a drivers liscense to, well, anyone, something the People of North Carolina are opposed to heavily, I will uncategoricaly claim that this is a good idea. But,

Governors and state motor vehicle departments had opposed the driver’s license provisions as too costly. They also complained that state motor vehicle officials would be forced to take on the role of immigration officers.

Civil liberties and gun rights supporters opposed the measure on privacy grounds, saying they fear driver’s licenses will evolve into national identification cards.

Interesting. Two dynamically opposed, historically, groups are on the same side.

Dr. Phil?

"Well, I would say to those folks, the Governors, DMV’s, Civil Rights nuts, and the gun rights supporters, HEY, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! It’s about protecting the People of the United States, and helping to stop the flow of illegal, yes, illegal immigrants to the USA. Why are we giving these folks the same Rights as legal citizens, as well as those that come to our wonderful country legally? I, I, I say they need to buy my books and tapes."

Thanks, Dr. Phil. He’s right, you know. Really, what is the problem with this?

Under the legislation, Americans applying for driver’s licenses will have to bring far more information with them to motor vehicle offices. They will be asked to show birth certificates, photo IDs, proof of their Social Security numbers and a document with full names and home addresses, according to a copy of the bill obtained by The Associated Press.

Motor vehicle departments will be required to verify the documents and the Social Security numbers. States still could give licenses to illegal immigrants, but they would have different designs or colors to alert security officers that they are unacceptable as IDs for boarding planes or entering federal buildings.

Is that really so wrong? Is that really that burdensome? The folks at the DMV’s already are supposed to check some sort of ID. What is a few more pieces of paper? Except for that bit about checking Social Security numbers, since they are legally only supposed to be used for Social Security purposes. Not like anyone follows that rule anymore. How is this so burdensome and costly? It is just Government and groups pitching a fit against the Will of the Majority.

Dr. Phil?

"I’d tell them to get a life, because it’s not about them. Maybe they just need a good hug."

Well, there you have it.

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5 Responses to “Verification for ID: what a concept”

  1. Ogre says:

    No, no, no no!!!

    States are supposed to be able to do whatever they want — the feds do not have the right to force states to do this. No way.

    I do support tougher requirements for DLs, but in no way do I agree that the federal government should be involved in forcing states to comply.

    Now if the feds want to create a minimum requirement rule for which state licences will be accepted by the federal government for, say, airports, that’s quite legal. For example, MT has already passed a law saying that they will not comply with any federal standards. That’s fine, that IS their right.

    However, if the feds say that the MT DL cannot be used as ID for plane travel, that’s fine too. The people from MT who want to travel by plane can get a passport.

    NO UNFUNDED FEDERAL MANDATES! That was the rallying cry in 1994 that helped get the Republicans elected. Where have those people gone?

  2. On one hand, I agree about the Feds pushing this, the gov that governs least governs best. On the other hand, I have always been a big supporter of the old Classical Liberal doctrine of the feds only stepping in when necessary. When you have several states, like NC, running wild with their DL’s, handing them out like candy to illegals, I think it is time that they be made to comply with certain guidelines.

    The other part is that many of the polls show that the people of NC want to stop what the NC gov allows with handing out liscences.

  3. Patty-Jo says:

    Hmmm. . .
    I’m curious about the federal ID card thing. If it was just a license to drive, that would make sense, but it isn’t. I’m asked to show my driver’s license when crossing the border into Canada, and again coming back home. Whether I’m driving or not. It is considered a valid piece of ID. If anyone can get a driver’s license, how safe is that for our country?

  4. Ogre says:

    The feds can issue their own ID card if they want. They cannot force anyone to get one, but they can require one to cross state borders. That would be in addition to the driver’s license, and that would be good — and they already have that system in place: the passport.

    If the people of NC really wanted the driver license fiasco that is NC DLs fixed, they’d elect people to fix it (you don’t know how hard it is to say that).

  5. I’m with Ogre.

    The last time I went to get my drivers license renewed, they made me show something with my Social Security number on it. They made it almost impossible for my little brother to get an ID.

    The problem is overblown beurocracy, which this Federal Bill would only add another, larger, meaner, nastier, tier too. You go through with it, and then in addition to the NC idiocy, we’ll have to deal with Federal Idiocy.

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