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…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Powerline, with a post noting Jeb!’s new message to conservatives.

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‘Climate Change’ Could Last 10,000 Years Or Something

The latest dire prognostication from the Cult of Climastrology

Climate change likely to extend for next 10,000 years

The damaging climate consequences of carbon emissions will grow and persist for millennia without a dramatic new global energy strategy, a new study has warned.

Rising global temperatures, ice field and glacial melting and rising sea levels are among the climatic changes that could ultimately lead to the submergence of coastal areas that are home to 1.3 billion people today, researchers said.

“What our analysis shows is that this era of global warming will be as big as the end of the Ice Age. And what we are seeing is a massive departure from the environmental stability civilisation has enjoyed during the last 10,000 years of its development,” said Jeremy Shakun from Boston College in US.

Of course, in reality, the last 10k years have seen a back and forth between warm and cool periods. Say, what caused the end of the last glacial age? Oh, right, Warmists say that was natural last time, but the current warm period must be mostly/solely mankind’s fault. Yet, the disciples of Al Gore refuse to act like it’s a crisis in their own lives.

The study claims it will cause 25 meters of sea rise. That’s 82 feet. Which is also quite less than occurred as the last ice age ended. Naturally. Doesn’t quite give a time frame. And tiny if you look at a 10k time frame.

Anyhow, you’re probably thinking “is this based on models?”

For the study, an international team of researchers generated new scenarios for temperature rise, glacial melting, sea-level rise and coastal flooding based on state-of-the-art climate and ice sheet models.

Of course it is. Funny how all their models predict doom based on what they input, eh? But, yeah, they’re predicting that this warm period will last 10,000 years.

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Trump Echoes Vulgar Slur Towards Cruz, Cruz Hits Back

One of the great things about Donald Trump’s campaign is that he’s willing to say things that most politicians never will, and say them in ways that politicians never will. He also understands that that one of the top rules in deal with Social Justice Warriors is to hit them back twice as hard. That said, there are times when he goes overboard. Like this one

(Buzzfeed) Donald Trump faux-admonished and then repeated a woman who called Ted Cruz a “pussy” at a rally here on Monday night.

Trump was criticizing Cruz for, in his view, failing to offer unequivocal support for waterboarding in the debate on Saturday night. Trump then interrupted what he was saying to point out what a woman in the crowd had shouted.

“She just said a terrible thing,” Trump said. “You know what she said? Shout it out because I don’t want to — OK, you’re not allowed to say, and I never expect to hear that from you again. She said — I never expect to hear that from you again! — she said he’s a pussy. That’s terrible. Terrible,” Trump said, throwing up his hands.

That’s a word I never thought I would see in a headline in a major news source. The Hill features that word in its headline. A few Trumpbots in the audience started chanting the word. That said, the Cruz campaign had a nice little rejoinder

Cruz’s Communications Director responded on Twitter by saying that Trump is, “turning the campaign into the latest episode of a reality show but let’s not forget who whipped who in Iowa.”

And we’ll see who whips who in New Hampshire.

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Obama To Request An Additional $5 Billion For Cybersecurity Overhaul

How many times have Executive Office agencies been hacked? You had the massive Officer of Personnel Management hack last year. The FBI just announced it was the recipient of a massive hack. Many other agencies have been hacked. Many others have successfully fought off hacks. This is a true common sense offering from Mr. Obama

(Washington Post) President Obama is seeking a 35 percent hike in cybersecurity funding in his final budget to boost the capability of the federal government to defend itself against cyberattacks.

The proposed $19 billion request, which represents one of the largest increases ever sought in this area, comes as Congress and the public have witnessed an alarming series of intrusions in recent years against targets ranging from Target and Sony to the Pentagon and the Office of Personnel Management.

The proposal, which will be announced Tuesday morning with the president’s 2017 budget request, is part of a larger package of initiatives the White House is calling the cybersecurity national action plan. (snip)

The money would go toward replacing aging — in some cases decades-old — computer systems with new machines and software, hiring additional skilled personnel, and increasing capabilities at the Pentagon’s Cyber Command and the FBI as well as in civilian agencies such as OPM and the Department of Veterans Affairs, officials said.

Overall, it is not $19 billion more, it amounts to a $5 billion increase in current funding, not $19 billion, as the Washington Post makes it seem. It has $3.1 billion for updating those computer systems and hiring a federal cybersecurity chief. $62 million will go towards offering training to teach cybersecurity, with loan forgiveness offered to those who join the federal government.

The plan itself is the most basic of basics, as explained at Wired.

ENABLE TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION. Update your systems. Maybe get someone who knows what they’re doing to handle your security needs. It’s all the standard advice you’d give a tech novice. It also happens to be the foundation of President Obama’s new Cybersecurity National Action Plan, a long-overdue, comprehensive approach to keeping our country’s digital corridors safe.

That said, Wired doesn’t find it to be a bad plan, because you need to have the most basic of basics in place. The software and hardware do need a vast upgrade. For goodness sake, many still use Windows XP, which Microsoft stopped supporting in 2014. The plan does call for doling out the money in portions, rather than lump sums, in order to make sure it is used correctly and that targets are being hit on time.

Here’s two problems, though. From Wired we learn

It’s an initiative that has noble ambitions but few details attached, especially when it comes to cyberattack response.

From the Washington Post, which really caught my attention

The cyber plan, for instance, calls for the creation of a commission to make recommendations on actions to enhance national cybersecurity over the next decade. It calls for a campaign to urge more people to adopt anti-hacking techniques such as “two-factor” authentication, which combines a password with a fingerprint or a text message code.

Lack of details. A commission to study the problem. One would think that there would be some actual detail when asking for $5 billion more. One would think that there would be more than a few base ideas in dealing with the issue. This is typical Obama: make a big recommendation without concrete plans, expecting others to deal with it. I doubt Congress will have any objection to this, though, they might want a few more details rather than a sticky note. A final big question revolves on how Obama will roll this out: will he take it seriously, or will it just be another time where he “blasts” Congress, attempting to create a fight with Republicans, as he so often does?

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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NOAA Is Worried About Beer Threats From ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Another day, another dire prediction from disciples of the Cult of Climastrology. It’s not even unique one, as Warmists have tried this schtick regarding beer for years and years, and it has yet to come to pass. In fact, beer in some form has been around since around 12,000 years ago, and production of it has gone through multiple cool and warm periods during the Holocene, and some of those warm periods were warmer than today. Beer similar to today’s dates back around 5,000 years ago, and we still have warm periods. But, hey, the CoC needs to continue to attempt to scare people, which they do every few months

(EcoWatch) As any beer lover knows, hops are a key ingredient in beer. But now, climate change poses a threat to hops production, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). (snip)

But many worry how the industry will fare in the future. Most growers were able to adapt to last year’s water shortages by relying more heavily on groundwater supplies and other sources, George said. So, Yakima Valley hops growers were able to “beat the 2015 summer heat,” NOAA said, but they may not be as lucky in the future. (snip)

Climate models  project last year’s unusual warmth will be the “new normal” in the decades to come, Guillaume Mauger, a research scientist with the University of Washington’s Climate Impacts Group, told NOAA. And while total precipitation isn’t expected to change much, more and more winter precipitation will fall as rain rather than snow, decreasing snowpack and threatening the area’s water supply. (snip)

It was already bad enough that climate change will diminish worldwide supplies of chocolate, wine and coffee. Now, beer too.

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If All You See…

…is an evil dog sucking up valuable resources which causes the seas to rise, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Last Refugee, with a post on New Hampshire numbers.

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Sportsmanship: Are Complaints About Cam Newton “Racist”?

This is a conversation I’ve had many times in the Real World, with friends, coworkers, even on local radio one time, as many sports sites have wondered if the condemnation and complaints about Cam Newton are racist. I would say that the majority of complaints have absolutely nothing to do with racism. You have to admit that Cam is a really good QB. He has the physical and mental talents to be an all-time great QB, possibly even a Hall of Fame one. Time will tell. I like that he came into the league with lots of fanfare, had a great first season, then regressed like so many 2nd year players, and worked hard to know the game not just physically, but learning the position, studying film, defenses, learning learning learning. You cannot fault his capabilities.

He understands when he should run, unlike lots of running QBs. You have to get the ball to the skill players, ie, wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs. Those running QBs who make 1 read and run tend to find the skill players tuning them out and getting bored. Cam is very smart in when to run.

The problem with Cam is one that seems prevalent throughout the NFL: unsportsmanlike conduct. All the taunting, the physical demonstrations. A guy makes a tackle and runs ten yards down the field to mug for the camera. All the dancing. All the mugging. I find it to be tedious and unsportsmanlike, personally.

When it comes to Cam, I find that he is over the top. I rarely watch Panthers games, as they are often on at the same time the Giants play, but, consider one late season game. Newton goes in for the running TD. He then has to do his little dab dance. Then he holds up a finger to the camera in a “wait” gesture, and does the Superman opening his shirt thing (which is the height of narcissism). Then gives the ball to a fan. Which is perfectly OK. Then the little jumping in the air and bumping a teammate thing. Then the little jump in the air like you’re shooting a basket with another teammate (guys, you play football, not basketball). It went on and on. Doing a dance then giving the ball away would have been fine. But, Cam, and many other players, just keep going on and on. It’s taunting, and poor sportsmanship.

Cam is the visible face of the Panthers. He’s The Man. He needs to set a proper tone.

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Pentagon Forced To Prioritize ‘Climate Change’ In All Military Actions

You know that this is something that is being shoved down the throat of the Pentagon by the President and his team, who are big believers in anthropogenic climate change, at least in terms of Other People’s lives

(Washington Times) The Pentagon is ordering the top brass to incorporate climate change into virtually everything they do, from testing weapons to training troops to war planning to joint exercises with allies.

A new directive’s theme: The U.S. Armed Forces must show “resilience” and beat back the threat based on “actionable science.”

It says the military will not be able to maintain effectiveness unless the directive is followed. It orders the establishment of a new layer of bureaucracy — a wide array of “climate change boards, councils and working groups” to infuse climate change into “programs, plans and policies.”

This idiotic plan will force compliance all the way down to the people serving in the field, who must take ‘climate change’ into account when when they decide to take a shot at ISIS fighters. “Hmm, I wonder what the carbon footprint will be if I shoot this ISIS killer holder a knife to the throat of a child? Will the shot be climate friendly?”

Climate change must be integrated in:

  • Weapons buying and testing “across the life cycle of weapons systems, platforms and equipment.”
  • Training ranges and capabilities.
  • Defense intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance.
  • Defense education and training.
  • Combatant commander joint training with allies to “assess the risks to U.S. security interests posed by climate change.”
  • Joint Chiefs of Staff collaboration “with allies and partners to optimize joint exercises and war games including factors contributing to geopolitical and socioeconomic instability.”

Good grief. Our military is being turned into a bunch of liberal Social Justice Warriors worried more about their carbon footprint and “climate justice” rather than protecting the United States from enemies. This is yet another reason to make sure that a Republican wins the White House in November.

No mention as to whether ‘climate change’ will be incorporated into Obama’s jumbo jets and helicopters, which are operated by the military.

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After Obama’s Teary Eyed Gun Control Speech, He Takes Almost No Action

Remember this when Obama cried some crocodile tears while announcing new “gun control” regulations? How’s that working out?

Obama’s Lofty Plans on Gun Violence Amount to Little Action

The centerpiece of a plan for stemming gun violence that President Obama announced last month largely amounts to this: an updated web page and 10,000 pamphlets that federal agents will give out at gun shows.

In a tearful display of anger and sadness in the East Room of the White House, Mr. Obama ordered steps intended to limit gun violence and vowed to clamp down on what he called widespread evasion of a federal law requiring gun dealers to obtain licenses.

But few concrete actions have been put in motion by law enforcement agencies to aggressively carry out the gun dealer initiative, despite the lofty expectations that Mr. Obama and top aides set.

Obama administration officials said they had no specific plans to increase investigations, arrests or prosecutions of gun sellers who do not comply with the law. No task forces have been assembled. No agents or prosecutors have been specifically reassigned to such cases. And no funding has been reallocated to accelerate gun sale investigations in Washington or at the offices of the 93 United States attorneys.

“No specific plans”. Which is not unusual with this administration. A speech and a sticky note is not a plan, and, as so often happens, Team Obama doesn’t follow through on those speeches and sticky notes. Mr. Obama just expects everyone to jump to it, while he goes to play golf.

Of course, this is the NY Times, so, Obama and his peeps are not to blame

The absence of aggressive enforcement is a reminder of the limits of Mr. Obama’s executive authority, even as he repeatedly asserts the power of the Oval Office to get things done in the face of inaction by a Republican Congress. (snip)

But turning promises into action is often difficult — a political reality that Mr. Obama and his aides know all too well — especially in the face of a sluggish bureaucracy and a determined, partisan opposition in Congress. The president’s attempts to sidestep lawmakers on immigration have been tied in courts for more than a year, and he faces fights on executive orders to expand gay rights, establish a minimum wage for federal contractors and combat climate change.

See? It’s the fault of Congress and the bureaucracy, the latter of which is stocked with Democrat voters, for the inaction on things that can mostly be done within the Executive Office with no Congressional approval. It obviously cannot be the laziness of those in the Obama administration and Obama himself, right? Right?

Of course, Congress had authorized funding for hiring 230 more FBI agents to deal with background checks prior to the speech. And, of course, the White House blames Republicans for refusing to confirm anyone to the position of ATF director. Apparently, Team Obama wants Republicans to decide who to confirm, because Obama hasn’t nominated anyone. ATF will take no initiative without clear guidance.

“It was significant; it was bold,” said Maura Healey, the Massachusetts state attorney general. “It takes time for the directive to be implemented.”

I wouldn’t hold your breath: Obama cried crocodile tears, made his speech, subject closed. He moved on.

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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If All You See…

…is a world turning to desert because Someone Else didn’t turn their heat down to 58, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Last Tradition, with a post on the GOP bait and switch.

The theme of the week is “cleaning out unused photos from other themes.”

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