People Very Upset Over Gentrifaction In San Francisco’s Mission District

Usually, when we are discussing “gentrification”, it is about White People moving into Black areas, such as we are seeing in downtown Detroit, where social capital, property values, and economic activity (along with the tax base) are growing, while crime declines. Gentrification is just a growing way to Blame Whites. Here’s what’s happening in San Francisco

(NY Times) Luxury condominiums, organic ice cream stores, cafes that serve soy lattes and chocolate shops that offer samples from Ecuador and Madagascar are rapidly replacing 99-cent stores, bodegas and rent-controlled apartments in the Mission District, this city’s working-class Latino neighborhood.

As San Francisco has become the preferred bedroom community for Silicon Valley, the Mission, with its urban edginess, has become the hottest location. Close to the center of the city, it has historically been home to Mexican and Central American immigrants whose large families live in small apartments in narrow Victorians and older buildings. Taquerias, bakeries, bars and auto mechanic shops line the streets where Spanish is spoken. Like Chinatown, this distinctive neighborhood helps define San Francisco, but the gentrification — fueled by technology workers and the popularity of Airbnb — is faster and more drastic here than elsewhere.

Obviously, this is all a Bad Thing, seeing all these West Coast liberal rich folks moving in to the area. It’s evil and it must be stopped!!!!!!

Ms. Tejeda joined hundreds of other Mission residents in a demonstration this month at City Hall, where they held a sit-in in front of the office of Mayor Edwin M. Lee to protest housing prices and the evictions of longtime tenants. But the mayor was not in.

“We are here to save the heart and soul of San Francisco,” said Roberto Hernandez, a community organizer with the group Our Mission No Eviction. He spoke disparagingly of a one-bedroom house in his neighborhood that sold for “$2 million in cash to someone who invented some app.”

Well, there is a point about this influx of money driving out long term residents.

Another complaint is that the influx of newcomers is bleaching out the Latino culture that drew them here. “People who come here say, ‘I love these murals,’” Mr. Campos said, adding, “You cannot have the art without the artists. We are losing this neighborhood.”

And right there is the main point: they do not like Whites moving in. Despite the influx of Latinos having driven out the Whites who first settled San Francisco. Then we find, all the way at the end

Newer residents are grateful for some of the changes gentrification has brought, which include a drop in crime.

“When I moved here, this was a no-go zone,” said Matthew McGraw, founder and chief executive of Rocket Science Consulting, a design and technology company. With his wife, six children and two dogs, he lives in an airy warehouse, which by day is shared with employees.

Huh. So the crime is going down? Weird, right?

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If All You See…

…is a horrible plastic bottle, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post wondering if you’re ready for another Ocare price hike.

It’s still Hannah Davis week, and just because I make fun of Warmists linking plastic bottles to “climate change” doesn’t mean that it isn’t a real issue for true environmentalism. Please recycle.

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Astrophysicist: The Sun Primarily Controls Climate, Not “Carbon Pollution”

This will make Warmists Very Upset, since they have been indoctrinated to Believe that CO2, what they unscientifically call “carbon”, is the primary “control nob” for ever change in climate and the weather (long term weather is what is known as climate) since 1850 (or 1980, or 1950, or whatever date they want to cherry pick to make their point). They will attack the astrophysicist personal (especially because he is an Israeli), and maybe even trot out anecdotal studies from Cult Of Climastrology friendly interest groups to say “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”, and then jump in their fossil fueled vehicles to go to a climate change rally

Carbon dioxide is not the knob controlling global warming
According to astrophysicist Dr. Nir Shaviv the sun is the main driver of climate change

Atmospheric scientist Dr. Judith Curry told the U.S. Senate on Jan 16, 2014 that, in light of the extended ‘hiatus’ of 15 years (to 2012) with no appreciable global warming despite a significant rise in carbon dioxide, it is clear that carbon dioxide is not the knob that controls global warming. Natural factors are clearly more influential.

The biggest and most obvious natural factor is the sun. According to Israeli astrophysicist Dr. Nir Shaviv, solar physics receive only nominal attention in the climate change reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Dr. Shaviv will be presenting “Solar forcings and climate change past and present” in Calgary at the Red and White Club on June 2, 2015.

Shaviv’s blog “Sciencebits” explains how he too once assumed carbon dioxide was the ‘knob’ of climate change – but a closer look revealed this was not so. Further astrophysical work demonstrated to him that the sun is the main driver of climate change.

Dr. Shaviv explained to me recently that the “Total Solar Irradiance” is the main solar factor reviewed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), although in fact this so-called ‘solar constant’ is highly variable. The numerous other solar influences are excluded from IPCC reporting – leading to skewed results that, until recently, have given the impression that carbon dioxide from human industrial activity drives climate change. Dr. Shaviv says carbon dioxide is a minor player.

Does CO2 play a small bit in climate? Of course! Other greenhouse gases play their part, particularly methane. However, the Sun is the primary driver, along with natural earth forces.

Warmist freakout in 3…2….1…..

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Good News: Capitalism Threatens All Life On Earth, ‘Cause Climate Change

If it seems that, lately, more and more Cult of Climastrology members are willingly exposing many of their true Beliefs, especially as it relates to economic activity, and, specifically, capitalism, you’d be right. With the fall of the Soviet Union, the Communists and Socialists put their energy into the environmental movement. They’ve been joined by the Progressives (nice fascists), all of who are now CoC members, elevating “climate change” (remember, they are saying that all changes in the climate, all weather events, are now mostly/solely caused by Mankind) over any real environmental issues, and using this as a way to destroy capitalism

Capitalism Threatens All Life on the Planet
Interview with Professor Guy McPherson

Tomorrow you will wake up and may well have a hot shower to start your day. Then you will go to your kitchen and use a variety of electrical devices to prepare breakfast. If you are lucky enough to have a job, then you will travel to work in a car or use public transport. All of this activity requires the use of finite energy resources while producing varying amounts of carbon dioxide. According to the people at the World Wildlife Fund I alone need 2.19 planets to sustain my lifestyle.

The unsustainable lifestyle that people lead is based upon the ever increasing consumption of finite resources which is destroying the natural world at an increasing rate of knots. The extinction of 200 species a day is just one manifestation of how capitalism and the industrial civilization it has spawned is killing the planet.

Critics may well say why are you so pessimistic? All we need to do is improve energy conservation and introduce renewable energy sources on a mass scale and everything will be fine and we can keep on enjoying our turbo consumerist lifestyle. Tim Garrett an associate professor of climate sciences at Utah University, has exposed this belief as nothing short of wishful thinking:

“Making civilization more energy efficient simply allows it to grow faster and consume more energy,” says Garrett. “I’m just saying it’s not really possible to conserve energy in a meaningful way because the current rate of energy consumption is determined by the unchangeable past of economic production. If it feels good to conserve energy, that is fine, but there shouldn’t be any pretense that it will make a difference.”

Professor Garrett makes the controversial point that carbon dioxide emissions, which are a major cause of runaway climate change, can only be stabilized by a complete collapse of the global industrial economy or society builds the equivalent of one nuclear reactor per day.

You get the point: these people loathe capitalism (which allowed them to build a website called Dissident Voice, tell us that the content is copy-writed, and pimp books on the sidebar that are published thanks to capitalism, and certainly all written on computers that were produced thanks to capitalism), much like a goodly chunk of Warmists also loathe it (and they’re happy to tell us on their smarphones while sipping lattes in their expensive clothes). They want to see the end of capitalism, and using “climate change” is just one of their vessels. What they want is a command economy run by The Government. Failing to realize that this will significantly effect their own lives, to their own detriment.

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St. Louis Cardinals Mascot Called Racist For Holding #PoliceLivesMatter Sign

And the team went immediately into groveling mode

(CBS St. Louis) A photo of St. Louis Cardinals mascot Fredbird holding a “police lives matter” sign was posted to a police association Facebook page before the team asked that it be taken down.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports sports website Deadspin took aim at the mascot last week after the photo was posted to the St. Louis Police Officers Association Facebook page.

Deadspin titled the post: “Your Racist Uncle Will Love This Picture Of The Cardinals’ Mascot.”

Cardinals spokesman Ron Watermon says the photo was taken at Busch Stadium after a couple asked Fredbird for a photo. Watermon says Fredbird didn’t know what was on the sign and when the team learned it was on the association website, the team asked for the photo to come down.

Anyone think the police lost a bit of caring about the Cardinals?

“A man and a woman stopped Fredbird to request a quick photograph. While the man was taking the picture, the woman standing next to Fredbird asked him to hold up the sign. Fredbird was unaware of the content of the sign,” Watermon explained to the Post-Dispatch.

I wonder what would have happened had the sign said “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”? Oh, right, that happened with the St. Louis Rams, where players came out on to the field before a game. Even thought there had been tons of evidence released at the time showing that the Hands Up Don’t Shoot meme was based on lies, and that Michael Brown was the aggressor. Here’s what the unhinged, and Very Pale Skinned Tom Ley, writes at Deadspin

(Here’s where some of you are going to say, “What, police lives don’t matter?” To which all we can say is, “Cut the shit.” Of course police lives matter, but used as a direct retort to the non-controversial idea that black lives matter, the phrase is an at best crypto-racist way of dismissing legitimate anger about police violence in black communities.)

Got that? It’s raaaaacist.


(Baltimore Sun) As Aaron Bryant walked along North Avenue on the night of Freddie Gray’s funeral, his photographer’s eye noted how the rising flames framed the “waves of police in riot gear” and the wall of ministers calling for calm.

Instinctively, the Baltimore man says, he began mentally cataloging the most evocative “visual cues” around him. He knew they would help inform his work chronicling the moment as a photography curator at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History & Culture, now under construction on the National Mall in Washington.

Later, when colleague Tulani Salahu-Din looked at an image Bryant had snapped of a burning car on North Avenue, her eyes immediately zeroed in on a single object: the overturned bar stool in the front seat that had been used to smash the car’s windshield.

In the bar stool, Salahu-Din saw an item the museum “might be able to salvage” in the days or months after the unrest, to help tell the human story of the clashes as part of a future exhibit.

“What did it mean to the person who threw it?” asked Salahu-Din, 55, a content development and three-dimensional object collection specialist at the museum. “What did it mean to the shopkeeper who lost it?”

That’s right, they’re looking to use pictures and objects from riots in a display at a Smithsonian museum, which celebrates Black life. They actually want a bar stool used to damage a Baltimore police cruiser, which was then set on fire, a bar stool stolen from a Baltimore business which was damaged during the riots. Hey, maybe they can include people looting toilet paper and feminine hygiene products, too. They think this is a positive thing, highlighting riots in the Black Baltimore community. I would think this would be a negative display, but these employees apparently think this is a positive.

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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How ABout Five Ways To Stop Hotcoldwetdry From Causing Health Problems

The ever helpful Huffington Post, a bastion of Progressive thought (and the unwillingness to pay bloggers for their work), provides helpful tips

Five Ways to Stop the Threat to Global Health From Climate Change


First, we need to think of it in terms of opportunity. Tackling climate change could be the greatest global health opportunity of the 21st Century. Apart from the human misery escaped if we cut some of those lost trillions of dollars, imagine the net benefits if we invest the deferred losses in social good!

Second, achieving a decarbonized global economy as no longer primarily a technical, economic or financial question, it is political. As Al Gore loves to say, our capacity to survive climate change is all down to political will. And political will is a renewable resource.

Third, we need to proceed as though global health equity, sustainable development and the international policy response to climate change are inseparable. We cannot hope to cut emissions deeply enough on a global basis if the sum of our national greenhouse policies leaves billions with no prospect of poverty alleviation, and the poor health that attends poverty.

I’ll leave it up to you to read the rest, but, it sure seems like this is all about pushing far left politics, doesn’t it?

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If All You See…

…is a wonderful bike which could stop the rise of the seas if Everyone Else was forced to ride one, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Other McCain, with a post on a radical lesbian North Carolina teacher.

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 photo Happy-Memorial-Day-Images1_zpsibeantho.jpg

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It’s Memorial Day, So, Obviously, It Must Be Linked To Climate Change

Pick a holiday, and you can virtually guarantee that someone in the Cult Of Climastrology will link it to “climate change”. For this Memorial Day, The Baltimore Sun and its Editorial Board win the Moonbat Award with their “the sky is melting, the sky is melting” mantra

The danger of climate denial

It’s Memorial Day, and the forecast is for renewed mocking and derision regarding man-made climate change from the know-nothing, science-averse wing of the Republican Party. President Barack Obama’s warning — issued during his commencement address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduation ceremonies Wednesday — that climate change represents a national security threat seems certain to provoke that kind of stormy reaction.

For those who actually serve in the military, however, the response is far likelier to be something along the lines of a matter-of-fact “yes, sir.” Whether it’s flooding or more severe storms at U.S. Navy bases or the manner in which thawing permafrost is damaging military facilities in Alaska, the evidence of the changing global climate is pretty obvious to the men and women in uniform. With climate-induced rising sea levels already causing problems for some coastal communities, the Coast Guard is certain to be on the front lines of this particular challenge right along with the National Guard.

Of course they say “yes, sir”, because their bosses have told them to, along with gay marriage and other Progressive policies being enforced on the military. No one is actually denying climate change: the argument is on causation. Will the Baltimore Sun give up their own use of fossil fuels to deliver their paper, and stop killing trees to publish their paper?

Perhaps what Senator Cruz and others should do is simply visit the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis where faculty have been looking into how much damage climate change will have on coastal facilities around the Chesapeake Bay and what are the most cost-effective strategies to deal with it. That might teach them why the Navy and the other branches of the military can’t afford to be climate deniers anxious to appease special interests or play to certain voters: They have a country to defend. As Mr. Obama observed, “climate change impacts every country on the planet.” It’s no laughing matter to imagine a future president who would ignore such an obvious security threat for no good reason beyond some measure of short-term political gain.

Yes, let’s let them visit and ask the Naval members exactly what their opinions are in private, without the command influence of those above them who are Cult of Climastrology members, who demand Obedience. Changes in climate will always have effects on life, some good, some bad. A massive change in the climate from an asteroid 65 million years ago had a pretty bad effect on dinosaurs, but led to the rise of the mammals, and Mankind. The climate changes, there’s no need to assign blame to Mankind. Unless someone has a political agenda.

All that said, it’s beyond shameful that the Baltimore Sun uses the occasion of Memorial Day to push its wholly unscientific political doctrine. All for new taxes, as well as for more government and less personal freedom, freedom which our military members gave their lives to defend.

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Washington Post Makes Good Point On Memorial Day

Here’s the Editorial Board on What We Owe

I N MAY 1945, the German army, known then as the Wehrmacht, issued a final statement acknowledging its defeat after “almost six years of heroic fighting,” during which “The German soldier, true to his oath, has in the service of his nation achieved feats that will never be forgotten.” The statement, which of course leaves out quite a lot, concludes thus: “The dead compel us to unconditional loyalty, to obedience and discipline toward the Fatherland, bleeding from countless wounds.”

On this Memorial Day 70 years later, many of the peoples whose nations fought that war (including Germans) have long since concluded that we owe our war dead no such thing. We owe them lasting honor for what they give up for their country, for lives cut short in youth or destroyed by physical or mental wounds. But the greater debt is for certain freedoms defended — freedom from the demand for loyalty without moral boundaries, from unquestioning obedience to higher orders and from discipline without law or mercy.

The debt we owe is still growing today, and it is beyond our means to repay in full. Abraham Lincoln stated it succinctly at Gettysburg with his series of negatives: “We can not dedicate, we can not consecrate, we can not hallow this ground.” As Lincoln had it, the greater part of that work had been done by the war dead, and completing it was more than a matter of speeches, ceremonies and memorial statuary. It was, and is, a steady and abiding commitment to government chosen by, conducted by and dedicated to the good of its people, and a willingness to sacrifice to ensure the survival of that form of government — including the minimal but often neglected obligation to pay attention to what our leaders are doing, to listen and speak out and vote. In short, to make the thing work.

At first blush, it almost seems as if the WPEB is telling us that we must be Loyal to Government, but, taken in total, they’re stating that there should be a commitment to preserving our governmental system, as laid forth within our founding documents. To hold Government accountable, from the politicians to the bureaucrats.

Our brave men and women fought for the freedoms in our system. They fought against totalitarian/authoritarian governments in Europe. Interestingly enough, Lincoln fought to increase the power of the federal government, reducing the power of the States. Something to think about.

A question for the Washington Post: what, exactly, are they doing to hold government accountable to the People, when their coverage is extremely partisan, and the side they have chosen has more in common with the Germany of World War II? One which does, in fact, demand “Unconditional loyalty and obedience” to a government and the Party leaders? One which, after decades of trying to destroy our military, is now working overtime to turn it into a breeding ground of Progressive (nice fascist) ideals?

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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