Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Yes, totally psyched. However, I have one bugaboo: if this is taking place 30 years after Return Of The Jedi, that means that, according to the Expanded Universe, Chewbacca has been dead for 9 years, since the character was killed off in the book Vector Prime, during the Yuuzhan Vong war, which takes place 25 years after the Battle Of Yavin (ABY), which is how the timeline for the Star Wars Universe is put together.

Interestingly, the movie picks a time, which would be 34 years ABY, where there is nothing written or done within the Expanded Universe.

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Flemington, NJ Deli Owner Closes Down Shop After Posting “White History Month” Sign

This is a big pull at Memeorandum, but it was something I had already seen previously, since I read pretty much every day (I’m originally from NJ, the parents are still there, I get my Devils and NY Giants news, and they provide great links)

(  About a month after Jim Boggessposted a “white history month” sign in the window of his Main Street deli, an ensuing lack of business caused him to close his business. This despite a public apology and handshake with Bhakti Curtis, the mixed-race customer who had raised a ruckus over it.

Now, beset by creditors, Boggess has posted a fundraising appeal on the website GoFundMe. It is titled “Jimbos white history sign gone bad.”

The link has the text of the appeal, which you’re welcome to read.

Now, first, this does show the typical double standard. We are allowed to have X History Month/Day for virtually everything else. But, not for Whites. If someone tries, it is Very Bad And Evil, ya know.

More importantly, let’s consider this from the comments

Freedom of Expression does not mean freedom from consequence. He’s probably hoping to get a huge amount like the pizza place in Indiana. It will be interesting to see if the crowd funders go for it.

True. That’s always a thought passing through my head. But, imagine the outcry if a Black/Gay/Latino/Whatever was boycotted due to putting a “History Month” sign. Let’s also consider this

He’s probably a liar and a fraud too. He hangs up sign in March and less than a month he has creditors knocking on the door – doesn’t pass the smell test.

And that was my first thought, as well.

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If All You See…

…is a horrible fossil fuels powered grill cooking evil extreme weather causing meat, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Free North Carolina, with a post on 2nd Amendment hating Tim McGraw.

BTW, I’d heavily advise NOT going to the link in the photo while at work. I found the picture cruising Google images.

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Say, What Do Young Voters Want Regarding “Climate Change”?

This was something that was Very Important to the UK Guardian (which still hasn’t divested its own portfolio from fossil fuels)

The climate crisis: five demands from young voters

The Guardian went to the University of Sussex to find out what students think about green issues in the run-up to the election. Our panel was chaired by writer and presenter Rick Edwards

And the top 5 demands are

1) Divest from fossil fuels.

Why? Well, because. That’s why.

2) Modernise how we talk about climate change

Apparently because the talking points from the last 25+ years have become stale. Here’s the one that interested me the most

3) Take lifestyle choices seriously. Alternative lifestyles are not to be scoffed at. Young members of the audience spoke with passion about their quest to reduce carbon emissions by becoming vegan, cycling everywhere and boycotting flying. “We need to build a better picture of what a zero-carbon lifestyle looks like,” said Green MP Caroline Lucas from the floor. People might be more encouraged to reduce their carbon emissions if wearable devices, along the lines of Fitbits, existed to gamify the process, said Paul MacInnes. We need to stop tinkering around the edges and be more radical.

I’m 100% behind this. All Cult Of Climastrology members should embrace these alternative lifestyle choices, making their own lives carbon neutral. No use of fossil fuels. Etc and so on. Of course, they’ll then whine about having no money and no lives and demand that Government take care of them.

4) Our current climate change targets aren’t robust or ambitious enough.

Of course. They always want more and more. Which, of course, means more and more government.

5) Don’t let austerity take the focus off the environment. Use environmental initiatives to help us out of the economic crisis.

Well, they haven’t worked at all during the current economic crisis, and many countries, in particular Germany, are moving away from the “environmental initiatives”, which have nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with politics.

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Hillary Campaign Excited To Take Money From Lobbyists And PACs

Just 3 long, long days ago, when she met “voters” in Iowa

(UK Guardian) Clinton laid out four campaign planks: 1) revitalizing economy 2) supporting families 3) getting dirty $$ out of politics 4) defending against threats seen and unseen

Clinton said she would support a constitutional amendment to eliminate dark money from US politics.

Well, that’s for Other People, you know

(Huffington Post) Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign will accept donations from lobbyists and political action committees, a difference in policy from the man she’s hoping to replace, President Barack Obama.

Of course, putting the policy into practice was something completely different for Team Obama, which certainly took money from both, which even the Huff Post had to admit later in the article.

The Clinton campaign confirmed that there would be no prohibition on such donations, after The Huffington Post was tipped off by two lobbyists supportive of the former secretary of state’s run for the White House.

“Hillary Clinton has a long history of taking on tough fights against special interests, whether or not they’re donors to her campaigns,” said Jesse Ferguson, a spokesman for the campaign. “She strongly supports campaign finance reform and has voted for tough lobbying reform, but as long as Republican groups and candidates are going to spend millions attacking Hillary, we need the resources to fight back.”

Will Hillary require every PAC and lobbyist to publish who the donations came from, in order to stop that “dark money”? Ha! Made myself laugh.

And we all know that most Democrats/Liberals/Progressives will excuse Hillary when she takes “dark money”, just like they’ll excuse her for using tons of fossil fuels even as she (supposedly) campaigns against “climate change”.

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Bummer: Colorado Climate Change Protest Hit With Cold, Snow

Well, of course, as Cult of Climastrology tenets tell us, the cold and snow is caused by climate change. Or just weather. It depends on the agreed upon talking points. But, in Warmist World, it’s just a foretaste of the doom of the future, you guys

(Daily Caller) Global warming activists should probably start planning their protests for the summer because the second climate rally — within just days of a major one in Canada — has been buried in snow.

Student activists with Fossil Free CU have camped out the University of Colorado, staging a “sit in” meant to show the Board of Regents the group’s commitment to getting the school to divest its endowment of fossil fuel holdings.

The group’s Facebook page shows students braving the elements to convince the Board of Regents to ditch fossil fuels to fight global warming. Unfortunately for them, the “Gore effect” has kicked in and may blunt their arguments that the world is catastrophically warming.

They received about 3 inches of global warming snow on Thursday. And more on tap for Friday.

“We’ve been speaking with the regents, and they really haven’t been budging,” Austen Bernier, a student activist, told the Daily Camera. “They’ve failed to take bold action; they’ve failed to commit to creating a pathway to divestment even though they let us come talk at the last board meeting. With their failure to take action, our point here is to create a safe space where we can have the dialogue that they’re refusing to have.”

What is it with college students and “safe spaces”? Which are places the poor whittle snowflakes go to play with dolls and coloring books, and have themselves a good lie down, as they say in England. Well, they’ll need their “safe space” for that crying jag

(Washington Times) The board voted 7-2 against divesting its $2.7 billion endowment from fossil fuels, citing state law and university policy requiring prudent investment of public funds, then defeated a second proposal to launch a sustainable investment advisory committee.

Will the protesters pledge to eliminate fossil fuels from their own lives?

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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Seven Totally Scary Facts About Hotcoldwetdry

Of course, since this is on MSNBC, only about 5 people will see it

An Arctic without ice, no more koala bears, and extreme droughts? As Earth Day approaches, take a moment to learn how climate change threatens our country — and our planet.

What? No koala bears! Maybe they should be worried more about the chlamydia rampant in up to 90% of some koala bear populations.

1. FACT: If everyone in the world lived the way people do in the U.S., it would take five Earths to provide enough resources for everyone

Perhaps members of the Cult of Climastrology should cut back on their own use of resources. MSNBC probably uses more energy than quite a few “developing nations”.

2. FACT: 2014 was the world’s hottest year on record

Beyond the notion that it might not have been, and, even if it was, only by a few hundreds of a degree, it doesn’t prove anthropogenic causation.

3. FACT: Average global sea level is expected to rise 7 – 23 inches before the end of this century

That’s not a fact, it’s looking into a crystal ball. And, even if it did, it would be well within the natural variability for a Holocene warm period.

4. FACT: More than a million species face potential extinction as a result of disappearing habitats, changing ecosystems, and acidifying oceans

If you’re using the word “could”, it’s not science, it’s politics.

5. FACT: The Arctic region may have its first completely ice-free summer by 2040

LOL. Obviously, the previous prognostications of Arctic doom have failed, so let’s stretch to 2040, when everyone will have forgotten the prediction.

6. FACT: 99.84% of the land in the state of California is suffering from drought

Which also doesn’t prove anthropogenic causation.

7. FACT: From 1979 to 2003, excessive heat exposure contributed to more than 8,000 premature deaths in the United States

Yet, these same climamorons want to make energy much more costly. And it still doesn’t prove anthropogenic causation. How did people survive during the previous Holocene warm periods, which were much warmer?

If MSNBC is so concerned, they should go carbon neutral. Which would, of course, mean shutting down their business. Would anyone even notice if they did?

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If All You See…

…is a terrible gas fired grill cooking climate change obese meat, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Legal Insurrection, with a post on Hillary’s staged coffee shop meet and greet.

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Good News, Angry Birds Players: They Want You Angry About Hotcoldwetdry

If the non-stop advertisements aren’t annoying enough…

Angry Birds wants to get you mad about climate change

Turns out, though, there’s more to love about Angry Birds than just anatomically confusing cardinals with jumbo-eyebrows and bad attitudes! Bloomberg reports that the company that developed the game, Rovio Entertainment, will announce on Earth Day that it is assigning a new mission to Angry Birds: raising awareness about climate change.

The Finnish company is establishing a partnership with the Earth Day Network, following similar moves it made in the past. Rovio joined NASA in 2012 to promote Angry Birds Space, which offered insight into the weightlessness of space and planetary physics. It was unveiled on the International Space Station by astronaut Don Pettit, who used a stuffed version of the game’s character “Red” to demonstrate the science of trajectory.

Can’t we just play a game without have the Climate Justice Warriors ruin it?

Say, I wonder how much energy the use of all the Angry Birds games uses up?

One also has to wonder whether Rovio is just taking advantage of all the fools in the Cult Of Climastrology.

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NY Times: Shaming Delinquent Tax Payers Is An Awesome Idea

Over the last few years, we’ve heard lots of talk about not shaming people, especially when it comes to “body shaming” and “slut shaming”. But, hey, what about when it comes to taxes? The NY Times publishes an op-ed by Ricardo Perez-Truglia and Ugo Troiano

Shaming Those Who Skip Out on Taxes

IN 2006, according to an estimate by the United States Treasury Department, Americans underpaid their taxes by about $450 billion. For that year, that’s roughly equal to Pentagon spending, and more than the gross domestic products of Sweden and Switzerland.

A good chunk of the missing tax revenues comes from underreporting income, or tax evasion. The rest, roughly 25 percent — about $110 billion — comes from failure to pay taxes, or tax delinquency. (snip)

But traditional collection methods don’t always work. In a recent study, we used another strategy that got results: publicly shaming tax delinquents. It should be a key part of government efforts to increase the collection of tax debts, and thanks to the Internet and social media, the government has the means to make it even more effective.

Public shaming is already used throughout the world to collect taxes. The city of Bangalore, India, hires drummers as tax collectors to visit the homes of tax evaders and to literally bang the drum if they don’t pay. In England, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs publishes details of deliberate tax defaulters. Argentine local governments are also adopting shaming lists.

They are also used to a limited extent in the United States. Nearly two dozen states — among them California, Massachusetts and New York — publish online lists on state websites revealing the identities of tax delinquents.

So, these two decided to run an experiment, where they sent letters to delinquents. They had two groups, and, for the second, they sent letters about the delinquency to not only the person, but their neighbors. It did work to increase payment. But, is this ethical?

Tax agencies could also make the delinquency records more conspicuous by advertising the existence of the lists on the Internet and television and even in tax forms.

Social media offers an even greater opportunity for shaming. Tax agencies could use targeted online advertisements on social networks to raise awareness among the social contacts of delinquents.

So, not only should people be liable for penalties from government, but they should be publicly shamed by every method possible.

That said, shaming penalties come at a cost: the violation of privacy.

Yeah, but….

This could change as open disclosure becomes more common. Indeed, government agencies are increasingly filling the Internet with detailed lists of Americans’ activities, from their political campaign contributions to their criminal records.

So, these two are advocating that the Government publicly shame citizens, and making it very normal.

We believe that shaming policies are an effective tool and should be part of the effort to make citizens pay their fair share. More effective and fair tax collection will fund the infrastructure, research and education that pave the way for economic growth and opportunity.

OK, fine. Since these two are obviously Big Government Liberals, how about we shame all those who advocate for higher taxation and people paying their “fair share” yet do all they can to minimize their own tax burden? Those who take advantage of tax deductions and “loopholes”, as Liberals term them, in order to pay a lower effective tax rate? How about all those who work for government who owe $3.5 billion in back taxes?

Anyhow, what happens when these shamed people commit suicide? Will the authors be held responsible? They are advocating publicly shaming people who owe as little as $2,500. What of those who hit hard times (often thanks to economic and other policies from the same type of liberals)? Should we shame them, and let the whole country know of their problems? Why is shaming bad for almost everything else, but not taxation?

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