Transgender’s Claim Of Bathroom Harassment Falls Apart On Video

Saturday I noted a story from Raleigh TV station WTVD about a transgender woman’s claim about being confronted by a janitor in the women’s room then escorted out by security at the Durham Transit Center. Now, I called it agenda driven news, because WTVD ran the story despite having not a shred of evidence that it was real, that it happened, and the thrust of my post was about that, rather than the TG woman in question, Alexis Adams. I wrote

Did [WTVD] ask to review any security video of the incident? Surely, there are security cameras within the Durham Transit Center.

I asked something similar in the comments at WTVD, as well as though email. I’m sure quite a few others did, as well. Kudos to WTVD, they followed up and Asked Questions

New video shows a different perspective in a back and forth debate between the City of Durham and a transgender woman’s bathroom experience inside the Durham Transit Center.

The transgender woman’s name is Alexis Adams. She says on Thursday afternoon, she was escorted out of the women’s restroom by security. The city of Durham owns the Transit Center and says that never happened.

Surveillance video at Durham’s Transit Center shows Adams walking into the women’s restroom at 1:17 p.m. About four minutes later, a janitor enters the restroom. Adams says the janitor confronts her and tells her to use the men’s restroom or she would call security. Adams, who transitioned to female 5 years ago, told ABC11 she was embarrassed.

“There [were] other people in there and as I was walking out of the bathroom and security took me out,” Adams said on Thursday. “The woman was making a scene about it.”

Watch the video at the link. You see her go in. A little bit later, you see a female custodian enter the bathroom. It looks like the custodian grabs what appears to be supplies from a cart or shelf prior to entering. It in no way looks like she was going in their to confront Adams. It looks like she’s just doing her job. Did Adams decide to take advantage of the janitor coming in? If so, for shame, denigrating a woman just doing her job.

Video shows Adams leaving the bathroom on her own, with no security.

Furthermore, the video shows Adams leaving the building on her own, with absolutely no security escort. Then you see her walking away with a man with a backpack. It looks like the man was waiting for her at the door.

WTVD confronts Adams with the video, and boy o boy, did she look uncomfortable. She has that “oh, crap, I got caught look”, like a child confronted by a parent for having a dirty magazine under the mattress.

On Saturday, ABC11 showed Adams the surveillance video of her walking out of the women’s restroom alone and not by security. Adams response was, “They’re not in the shot.”

ABC11 showed Adams a different camera angle-this time of her walking out of the transit center with a man that does not appear to be a security guard. Adams response was, “I can’t. I guess you just had to be there to witness it. The security did escort-ask me to leave the premises. They may not have dragged me out of the bathroom but they were there.”

And she’s sticking with her story.

So, yesterday was about slamming WTVD for running a story with zero evidence. Today is about highlighting yet another leftist agenda hoax.

More: On reflection, there’s something else that really bothers me about this story, namely, how the custodian’s job was put on the line by what certainly looks like a hoax. The minute the allegation was made, you know that the powers that be looked at all the video. When they saw the custodian, the PTB surely called her into an office for an Official Interview to get her side of it. And, as anyone can tell you who’s been a part of this, it’s not a comfortable meeting. Even when you know that you did no wrong, you’re concerned for you job. You do not know which way you’re bosses might lean. Even if they know you did no wrong, in today’s social justice warrior society, you might become a sacrificial lamb.

Even if everything shakes out OK, the bosses might be keeping an eye on her. She’ll surely be paranoid. And, would you put it past any of SJWs to attempt to wait for her to go into a bathroom and then pull the same stunt, accusing her of the “hate crime” in order to make the first one look legitimate? Most of these SJWs are unrepentant, and they seemingly have little concern for the other people they hurt. What if the custodian was fired? And then had her name leaked, and had to deal with all the picketing, abuse on social media, having all that notoriety? Would the SJWs care that they ruined this woman’s life?

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If All You See…

…is a carbon pollution desert encroaching on a wonderful liberal city, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Last Tradition, with a post on a train derailment outside of D.C.

It’s getting out and walking in nature week!

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Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Happy Sunday! Another fine day in great nation of America (wait, is it a microagression calling America great?). Spring is in full bloom, and the Yellow Pollen Of Doom has almost disappeared. Not sure who did this more modern style pinup, which has a wee addition.

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? The Fine 15

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  5. Hot Air notes the decline of Target’s stock post TG bathroom approval
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  7. American Clarion explains why the GOPe hates Ted Cruz
  8. Fire Andrea Mitchell covers Cheetos face Glenn Beck laying off 40
  9. Flopping Aces has 5 shocking facts about Islamic jihad
  10. Jammie Wearing Fools covers Trump reaching out to Sanders supporters
  11. Legal Insurrection offers an argument on why Trump would beat Hillary
  12. Moonbattery covers re-education for Christian bakers.
  13. Noisy Room has Trump’s incoherent foreign policy
  14. Powerline discusses Baltimore’s shrinking police department
  15. And last, but not least, The Lonely Conservative notes CNN beating the Trump News Network

As always, the full set of pinups can be seen in the Patriotic Pinup category, or over at my Gallery page. While we are on pinups, since it is that time of year, have you gotten your “Pinups for Vets” calendar yet? And don’t forget to check out what I declare to be our War on Women Rule 5 and linky luv posts and things that interest me

Don’t forget to check out all the other great material all the linked blogs have!

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Welcome To Socialism: Venezuela To Run Out Of Beer

When we discuss Socialism*, we do need to highlight what it is now and then. According to the political science definition, Socialism is part of the Democratic Model, being on “the left”, with Liberalism, often referred to as Classical Liberalism now (this is what American Conservatism is mostly), in the middle and Conservatism on the right. European Conservatives are Classic Conservatives. There are three cores: economic, political, and moral. In the political core, Socialism features the most expansive amount of voting, where almost everyone can vote and they vote on almost everything. In the moral core, government stays mostly out of our private lives. The economic core is where Socialism is really made, where the government is heavily, heavily involved in the economy, dictating almost everything, even going as far as owning the means of production. It works about as well as you think, as Tim Worstall points out

(Forbes) It seems that the economic management of Venezuela has just been able to chalk up another milestone. We might have to give them a prize of some kind for this one: in a week or so the country is going to run out of beer. This isn’t because no one wants beer, not at all. There’s been no mass outbreak of Islam or Mormonism to turn the population away from the locally highly popular drink. It’s not because people don’t have the money to buy it: Polar, the local manufacturer, can sell all it is able to make. It’s not because Polar can’t make money doing so either: the company makes a good profit making and selling beer. Nope, it’s purely and only because Maduro and the other Chavistas are entirely incompetent at the management of an economy. And they’re incompetent in a very specific and very stupid way too. They simply do not understand the role of prices in markets.

The news itself:

Venezuela’s largest brewer says it has shut down beer production at the last of its four factories due to a shortage of imported supplies.

Cerveceria Polar says in an email that its factory in Carabobo state closed Friday. It had warned earlier that it had enough supplies only to continue production through the end of April.

They’re rather more than just the largest. Depending upon who you believe they brew (perhaps “used to brew” is better) 70 – 80% of the country’s entire supply of the sudsy goodness.

That’s right: the incompetence of socialism and it’s economic dictatorialism and idiocy has led to almost the end of beer in Venezuela. It takes materials like malted barley to make beer. There’s barely any grown in the nation. And the decades of idiotic socialist policies from the Venezuelan leaders, including the late Hugo Chavez, has led the money of the nation, the bolivar, to be virtually worthless, and the nation can barely afford to purchase toilet paper. Worstall then notes something from the Wall Street Journal (quotes from WSJ in italic, Worstall regular)

After Empresas Polar SA closed its three other beer plants over the past several days, the shutting of the San Joaquin plant, near Valencia, will leave just a week’s supply of beer, the company said. Like many other firms here, Polar blames the government, which hasn’t allocated the dollars the company needs to pay for imported raw materials such as malted barley.

It’s that word “allocated” which is the problem. So, the company, just like all other importers of whatever, needs access to dollars in order to be able to pay for those imports. This means either being “allocated” some through the bureaucratic system or going out into the black market and just buying some. But it’s not actually legal to do that:

“Without approval and a supply of [foreign] currency to the suppliers, the company doesn’t have a way to operate,” Mr. Mendoza said. “The company cannot go out and buy currency anywhere because it’s against the law.”

So, no legal way to get the dollars if the bureaucracy won’t allocate them and the bureaucracy won’t allocate them. Obviously, the company therefore closes the plants that can’t be run because they can’t get the imported ingredients.

This is what you get with Socialist ideology: no toilet paper, rolling brownouts and blackouts (despite having access to lots of oil), a food crisis, the economy is in meltdown, communications are tightly controlled by the government, it’s national suicide in slow motion (hit Fausta’s Blog for all things South America) and people won’t even be able to drown their sorrows in beer.

*Is it really Socialism? Economically, yes, but, voting is tightly controlled, and the government is heavily involved in people’s lives. Those aspects are more authoritarian. It’s more what would be termed Progressivism.

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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If All You See…

…is a sea rising up to meet a desertified world, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Raised On Hoecakes, with a post on the EPA not giving a damn about Law.

A second shoutout to The Lonely Conservative, with a post on the GOPe letting conservatives down yet again.

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Warmists Have New Tactic: Frame Support For ‘Climate Change’ Initiatives As Being Patriotic

This is a shameless attempt by Warmists to convert Conservatives to their cause. Providing rock solid evidence would be the best solution, but, since there is an absence of that, the Cult of Climastrology has to try other things

(Daily Caller)A new study by Oregon State University (OSU) psychologists have come up with a new tactic for turning skeptical conservatives into full-blown global warming alarmists: frame the debate in terms of patriotism.

OSU academics found conservatives were more amenable to “pro-environmental” ideas, like man-made global warming, when they were framed as “obeying authority, defending the purity of nature and demonstrating patriotism,” according to a press release.

“We think we’re just discussing issues, but we’re discussing those issues through particular cultural values that we normally take for granted,” Christopher Wolsko, the study’s lead author and an assistant psychology professor at OSU-Cascades. “If you re-frame issues to be more inclusive of those diverse values, people’s attitudes change.”

I’ve actually run across said study on a few of the Warmist sites I peruse, and missed the patriotism part. The part about obeying authority is a hoot, because, while Conservatives are certainly for law and order, we aren’t going to blindly follow along on certain issues. Conservatives darned sure didn’t follow when President Bush and other Republicans were pushing “amnesty” for illegals. If anything, it is Left leaners who blindly follow what they are told by their “betters”, even when those betters are utter hypocrites.

I wonder if Barbara Boxer was paying attention to this study. Remember the climate change bonds story? Remember this tweet?

The Daily Caller article is from the 26th. The study was released a few days prior. Serendipity?

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Democrats Introduce Resolution In Support Of Reducing Illegal Alien Deportation

This apparently comes from the Democratic Reward Law Breakers Caucus

(Think Progress) In the hopes of reducing the number of immigrants swiftly deported back to their home countries, three House Democrats introduced a resolution Thursday to amend federal policies that have resulted in harsh consequences for hundreds of thousands of individuals and their families.

The “Fix96 Resolution” would repeal two immigration laws that dramatically expanded the type of offenses that could be considered “aggravated felonies” — a category of criminal convictions that carry harsh consequences like mandatory detention, potential deportation, and a permanent ban from re-entering the United States.

These laws, signed in 1996 by former President Bill Clinton, have made it easier to arrest and deport hundreds of thousands of immigrants who commit minor crimes. Under the policies, being in possession of marijuana, shoplifting, and writing a bad check are all defined as “aggravated felonies.” As it stands now, immigrants who commit these type of low-level criminal offenses are arrested, sent to serve their prison sentences, and immediately turned over to federal immigration custody for potential deportation proceedings.

Heck, just being present in the country illegally should be enough to get them deported. Remember, Democrats want to reward illegal aliens who have further committed other crimes to be able to stick around, and be given lawful status, preferably the ability to vote. On the flip side, they want to prosecute citizens for Wrongthink and being climate Skeptics. Very skewed priorities.

The resolution, sponsored by Reps. Grijalva, Keith Ellison (D-MN), and Judy Chu (D-CA) and supported by more than 80 immigrant advocacy organizations, is likely to be shot down in the Republican-controlled Congress. But Democratic lawmakers’ goal is to “set the tone” and “lay the foundations” for a national dialogue about immigration reform, La Opinion reported.

If elected Republicans had any cajones, they’d take the Democrats up on this dialogue. Instead of letting the resolution die in committee, they’d hold a debate and a vote on it, putting Democrats on record as supporting people who not only broke our immigration laws, but broke other criminal laws. Make a big deal out of this. Talk about it a lot. Highlight exactly who Democrats are fighting for: namely, law breakers. There are costs to illegal aliens, almost all of them negative.

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Agenda News: TG Woman’s Defiance Supposedly Backfired On “Her”

There’s a reason I call this “agenda driven news”, and we’ll get to that shortly. First, though, let’s see a photo of this lady in question

Biological man or woman? If you didn’t already know from the headline, what would you think? Would you even consider whether a man or woman? That screenshot comes from the video, which is worth a watch to further reinforce the agenda driven news, which appeared on the front page of WTVD, and was obviously part of their live news


There’s a movement on social media where transgender people go into bathrooms and snap selfies in the mirror. They’re doing so in defiance of House Bill 2.

One transgender Durham woman said she wanted to make a statement when she went into a women’s restroom, but says she learned what’ll happen if you’re caught.

Alexis Adams is a transgender woman and says she used the women’s restroom inside the Durham Transit Center.

She says she was humiliated beyond belief and bystanders were stunned as security escorted her out of the Transit Center Thursday.

“I couldn’t think. I couldn’t speak. I was speechless,” Alexis Adams said.

She claims a custodian confronted her when she came out of a stall, and then security came, and she was “outed in front of everybody.” First, can you imagine a situation in which a custodian would go into the women’s room to confront someone like this? Perhaps if they heard something breaking or people fighting, maybe bawling their heads off. Even then, they’d probably call security or the police, because they wouldn’t want to lose their jobs. Second, isn’t the point of taking selfies “outing in front of everybody?”

Durham officials said they have not been able to substantiate Adams’ claim that an incident occurred.

“We talked to staff and police officers, we can’t find any evidence she was escorted out,” said Durham Public Affairs Director Beverly Thompson.

Does Ms. Adams have a shred of proof that this occurred? Better yet, does WTVD have a shred of proof that this happened? They ran with this story, put it on broadcast, yet, it couldn’t be substantiated. Are there any witnesses? The Durham PD public affairs department would like to know. How is this in any way news if the story cannot be substantiated? Why did WTVD show little journalistic integrity in the way they ran the story when it couldn’t be substantiated? Because this is agenda driven news. Someone makes a claim, it fits in with the liberal bias, and a news outlet, and sometimes a lot of them, jump on it in a less than skeptical manner.

Did they ask to review any security video of the incident? Surely, there are security cameras within the Durham Transit Center.

How many hoaxes have been exposed after the news media ran with the stories? We just had the Whole Foods anti-gay cake hoax (and the hoaxer, Pastor Jordan Brown, skipping Sunday service). We just found out that a campus noose incident at Salisbury College was a hoax perpetrated by two Black students. So many of these incidents of hate and such end up being hoaxes. And the media runs with them, rarely ever asking for proof. Did WTVD ask Ms. Adams if she could prove the allegation?

And, if you saw “her” going in the ladies room, would you even think about it?

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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There’s An App For Dealing With CEO’s Bullying NC Over Gender Confused Law

Yes, yes there is

From the link

Are you tired of Activist CEO’s from big companies like Apple, PayPal and Target bullying your state over laws like North Carolina’s common sense facilities protections in HB 2?

There’s an app for that.

It’s time to fight back. You can make your voice heard thanks to the NC Values Coalition.

Go to  and click on the app to send an email to these corporations doing the biding of the LGBT activist groups like the Human Rights Campaign and Equality NC.

Lady Liberty 1885 has the full text of what is sent. Also

Liberals don’t care. They want the itty bitty tiny number of gender confused folks to use whatever bathroom, locker room, and shower they choose to use, regardless of the privacy and protections women and children deserve. Why? Leftists really can’t explain, other than a few talking points they’ve been given.

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If All You See…

…is a fish whose species will soon be swimming between the skyscrapers of Manhattan, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Doug Ross @ Journal, with a post on the BDS movement.

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