That killer Newsweak story

By now, most folks already know about the Newsweak story that is really killer. Literally. It is another example of the media not doing their jobs prior to publication. Now, one of the problems with today’s media is the need to get their story out fast. Otherwise, someone will scoop them, with all the outlets and the speed of the internet(s) today. I have heard a few folks use this excuse for Newsweak. That excuse is not valid for Newsweak. They are a weakly magazine. They do not have those types of deadlines and needs.

Newsweak can apologize till they are bluer in the face, but they need to understand what they have wrought. What did they think was going to happen when publishing something like that? Were they to publish an article about a government flushing the Bible, that government would have been protested and their would have been calls for an apology. You do not get that response with Islam. It is not the "religion of peace" that some would make it out to be. It is a religion of violence. Click the link to see what it has wrought in the name of Allah. Christendom has not always had the greatest of histories, like many other religions, but, like I said, you would not get a response of a call for Holy War if the perpetrators were not handed over.

And what about the Moonbats? To them, it is all some sort of conspiracy. They were all over this story when it came out, "thanking" Bush for causing more international problems. And now? Not much. The DU folks are taking the position that the original story was true, but that the Bush admin pressured Newsweak to retract the story. Or that this was manufactured to replace the story on the British memo. (crap, I just gave the DU 2 more links.) The Daily Kos? Nothing. Atrios? All he has to say is "um, ok?"  Well, gee, Lefties, I thought you loved the USA and supported our military. Why is it that you are more concerned with hoping the story is actually true, which could cause harm to the US and its citizens and soldiers, then with it being false? Partisan politics is one thing. Putting Americans in harms way falsely is a travesty. And don’t even start with the "Bush lied" crap. You refuse to understand, you don’t want to understand, and you do not want to debate or discuss it. Try taking America’s side for a change.

Newsweak needs to be out there apologizing to the Muslim countries, not just their little retraction, and a few small appearance’s and platitudes on the American airwaves.

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5 Responses to “That killer Newsweak story”

  1. dc says:


    Also … I note that Muslims don’t quite have the freedom of speech/press sensibilities that we do, and that they are urging the “banning” of Newsweek.

    That would be an interesting story to see covered: the MSM covering Muslims wanting to ban MSM outlet for MSM shoddy reporting. Funny … we probably won’t get much in depth coverage of that.

  2. RTG says:

    I don’t normally cover these kinds of stories but even I was so outraged I had to say something. Probably the most appalling part of this is that Newsweak has apologized but refuses to retract the allegations because they’re waiting to see “what the facts are”.



    So you print lies and hope they’re true? This is Rathergate all over again.

  3. Maggie says:

    NEWSWEAK….I just love that!

  4. I say send the reporters over to Muslim world, let them stand “trial.”

  5. Glen Dean says:

    Just goes to show that the MSM could care less about human life when it comes to breaking a story, a story based on one unidentified source.

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