Nancy Gets Her Prince Charming

On the heels of Pelosi with Class (still a little queezy over that :D), looks like Nancy has had a Cinderella experience:

Image hosting by Photobucket It was a Cinderella story, Capitol Hill style. Starring as Prince Charming, freshman Rep. Dave Reichert dropped to his knees Thursday in the midst of a news conference and handed over a beige leather slingback that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi lost during Wednesday’s hasty evacuation of Congress.

“I’m proud to be here, and proud to present you with your shoe,” said Reichert, R-Wash.

“That is my shoe!” Pelosi, D-Calif., exclaimed to laughter.

Pelosi lost her shoes when Capitol police literally lifted her out of them during the evacuation, which was prompted by a small plane that strayed into restricted airspace over the nation’s capital.

“I said, ‘I’m losing my shoe,’ and they said, ‘That’s too bad, just keep going,'” Pelosi said.

I bet if Kerry had found it, he would have sold it back to her. Kennedy would have been wondering why the shoe wasn’t drowned in water.

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4 Responses to “Nancy Gets Her Prince Charming”

  1. Janette says:

    An evil Republican returned her shoe? How awful. If a Democrat had found he would have found a deserving poor person to redistribute it to.

  2. Nancy Pelosi Shows Some Class

    Nancy Pelosi took to the Senate floor to praise the Capitol Police for how they handled the evacuation yesterday.

  3. moehawk says:

    OT, but Dane of Dane Bramage has a nice pretty animated American Flag up….:)

  4. moehawk says:

    oh yeah…about the shoe…Clinton would have….nevermind. i’m sure that you can “come” up with a punchline for that one.

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