Rangel is calling for a draft. Again.

Here we go again, Charlie Rangel is calling for a draft:

Rep. Charles Rangel is once again pushing a bill to re-instate the military draft, a year after the effort caused a flurry of campaign-season conflict over the war in Iraq.

Rangel, an anti-war Democrat from Harlem, offered the same measure last year, only to vote against it when Republicans brought the bill to the House.

At the time, GOP leaders were upset over a growing buzz on the Internet that the Bush administration might begin drafting American citizens if Bush won re-election. They blamed Democrats for fueling the speculation in a cynical attempt to win voters to their candidate, John Kerry.

You go, Charlie, mess up the Demoratic Party some more. You have to love the 2nd paragraph, which makes it look like the GOP was bringing up a Bill to reinstate the Draft, when, in fact, the vote was about saying there would NOT be a draft. That is not fully explained in the article.

Of course, the DU’ers are all over this, bringing up Vietnam, chicken hawk, and all their other talking points. I always wonder what history books they have read, since it is obviously unkown to them that the Vietnam War was started by a Democratic Administration (JFK), widened by a Dem admin (LBJ), had the highest casualty counts under a Dem admin (LBJ), caused LBJ to not run for reelection, and left the mess created for a Republican admin (Nixon.) The protests started during, yup, LBJ’s admin. The media declaring that we were losing, especially after Tet? Yup, during LBJ’s admin.

Don’t misunderstand, I am not blaming LBJ for all this, just showing when it occured, and what happened, for perspective. The media is more to blame for creating a negative opinion and the subsequent protests. LBJ did what he could.

I’m sure that the DU’ers will have more harsh words and idiocy for when George "still the President" Bush visits Arlington.

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