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French say NON!

You heard it here first (or almost first: I got it posted before even Drudge): French voters rejected the European Union‘s first constitution Sunday, early government results showed — a stinging repudiation of the ambitious, decades-long effort to further unite the 25-nation bloc. With about 83 percent of the votes counted, the referendum was rejected […]

The Tarheel Tavern

This weeks Tavern is up at iddybud. Stop by and check it out!

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

Why does the Left support the UN?

I rarely discuss conversations that I have had on the political forum I frequent, since it is somewhat like Vegas: what goes on there stays on there. However, there was an interesting discussion, which has sort of being on again off again for years, regarding the United f’ing Nations. All I simply wanted to know […]

Looking for a Fatwa!

  Rusty at The Jawa Report is looking to get a Fatwa, and so am I. Here is my humble (sure) submission to the Karnival of the Koran Krapping. Pirate thong included at no extra charge.

American Flag Bidness

Everyone say hello to Nickie Goomba, the newest member of the American Flag League. Welcome aboard, Matie! And a big welcome to Nashville Truth! Ahoy there, Matie!

Respect Islam!

Why? As shown on previous occasions, Muslims don’t. Here is another example: A powerful bomb exploded early Friday at a religious gathering at a Muslim shrine in Islamabad, killing at least 19 worshipers and injuring dozens.

Huffington Post

If everyone would look over at the left sidebar, there is a little counter that measures how long the Huffington Post has been hotlinking photo’s. How high can it go? If you want a copy, let me know.

An Illegal? You don’t say

McQ at Questions and Observations is discussing the do nothing 109th Congress. Read the whole thing, but let me excerpt this: While the 109th Congress is a case study in ineptitude, it could redeem itself and the Republican party by putting forth a comprehesive and workable border security provision. This next excerpt from WRAL should […]

I Triple Dog Dare You!

In a slight breach of etiquette, GWB skipped the triple dare and went right for the throat: U.S. Rep. John "Randy" Kuhl, R-29th, doesn’t know if President George W. Bush has given him one of his infamous nicknames, but if he has, it might involve "lollipop." Kuhl, who traveled with the president to the Rochester […]

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