Daily Archives: April 13, 2005

Design a Stamp

  Blogs for Bush is having a design contest for a new stamp. (hat tip blogoddess Beth) ” So we’re proposing our own “response” to this (the nutbags who made the nasty kill Bush stamps as art). Blogs For Bush is going to have a stamp design contest, where you can put your Photoshop skills […]


“It’s not true, the Dodgers are not going to win. They will not beat the San Fransisco Giants again. They will not have another miraculous comeback in the 9th. Why is everyone laughing? I’m not kidding.” “Thank you, Bagdad Bob, who was recently hired as Director of Public Relations for the Giants. Now, on to […]

Kerry solicits the negative

Not that there is anything unusual about that. We all remember his negativity pre-election regarding the Iraq and Afghanistan operations. Now, John "big weenie" Kerry is soliciting negative stories from the families of US soldiers. The wonderful Lori Byrd at Polipundit (via Instapundit) had a reader email her an email from Kerry (he’s a Senator, […]

Are you friggin’ kidding me?????

I am flabbergasted. Totaly and completely flabbergasted. With North Carolina’s Hispanic population booming – and Hispanic children dropping out of school at alarming rates – lawmakers introduced a bill Tuesday that would extend resident tuition rates at public universities to the children of illegal immigrants. Former Gov. Jim Hunt returned to the General Assembly to […]

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