Daily Archives: April 1, 2005

Air Deadbeat. Literally

I ran across this little ditty from Blue State Conservatives via the hacked Puppy Blender site, and it should be an eye opener for any liberals, er, progressives out there. The BSC’s quote the Radio Equalizer: And it isn’t too new to measure, especially not in New York City, where WLIB’s just-released numbers show, in […]

Great White released

No, not the group. A real Great White shark, which I have blogged about a few times, was released from the Monterey Bay Aquarium today. A great white shark that survived far longer than any other in captivity was returned to the wild Thursday because it was growing too large and had begun preying on […]

What’s happening

Puppy Blender left for the weekend and has been hacked! Basil’s depressed. Go cheer him up. Sortapundit’s car needs a saving. Let’s help him out by suing the guys who took his name. Janette is using string and tin cans to connect to the internet(s). Go play. We’ll just blame Jody 😉

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