Daily Archives: April 21, 2005

Rights For Illegals

What a shame, some of NC’s Congress Critters as well as illegal "immigrant" groups have received mail with harsh language. While I do not condone this, they have in fact brought it on themselves. "I’ve gotten some very ugly language, some racial slurs, bigoted e-mail — which are very disappointing," Barnhart said. "I can honestly […]

Just testing

Did the domain mapping thing today, finally got all the sh*t in order. However, for all my nice blogging buddies and anyone else who has me blog or bookmarked, I beggeth thee, don’t change quite yet. I want to see what happens in the Ecosystem before I maketh it permanent(e). I am willing to loose […]

Finally, I’m Evil

Again, via Beth, because A. I’m off today, B. I’m hungover bigtime and don’t want to do anything myself today, C. I’m trying to get stupid domain management to work, and D. because I am evil and feel like it. Got a problem with that? My Give A Damm’s Busted 🙂 Take the quiz at […]

Soldier Angels

Via blogoddess Beth, comes the Soldier Angels, a group designed to support our troops. This is a very worthy cause, and, as Beth has stated, it is time to pony up. You can adopt a trooper and/or make a donation. I did. Who’s next?

American Flag Bidness

Oystersnout has been added to the American Flag League. My bad for missing the Flag on moehawks site. Welcome aboard, Matey!

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