Daily Archives: April 6, 2005

NC now has a lottery

And, as predicted, the money is going towards education. However, not quite how one thinks: House Bill 1023 approved by the full House would divvy up the funds from a lottery into three areas: 50 percent would go to school construction, 25 percent would go to college scholarships and 25 percent would go to special […]

Did I Miss a Memo?

So, I took a walk around the mall, was trying to see if anyone had a new cologne I heard about, which is being put out in the name of that girl, Bethany Hamilton, the one who had her arm bit off by a shark in Hawaii. It is supposed to remind people of being […]

I’m TRYING to be Evil

:: how jedi are you? :: Jeez, answer a few questions about Padme’ and bam, I’m sorta evil. Via Janette at Common Sense Runs Wild. Next up, pirate thong photoshops of Janette and Jody 🙂

Show some respect

I’m wondering, was this really necessary? He was both a critic and an inspiration. How John Paul II divided our nation with his bold stances. That is a Newsweek internet headline. The man just died. He has not even been buried yet. Is this Newsweeks idea of an appropriate headline and story? Apparently so. And […]

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