Show some respect

I’m wondering, was this really necessary?

He was both a critic and an inspiration. How John Paul II divided our nation with his bold stances.

That is a Newsweek internet headline. The man just died. He has not even been buried yet. Is this Newsweeks idea of an appropriate headline and story? Apparently so. And the article goes down hill from there. I wonder if it is possible for Newsweek to say anything nice about the Pope? The article is a mixture of seeming condemnation and lukewarm respect for the Pope. Disgraceful.

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2 Responses to “Show some respect”

  1. Maggie says:

    Please…Time is part of the MSM….


    Pope JP II .. Man of MORAL Values…The HOLY Father…
    Keeper of the FAITH…

    Nope, just doesn’t “jive”.

  2. Janette says:

    I was trying to ignore the MSM coverage of Pope John Paul II (at least during a respectful mourning period) but last night I caught MSNBC’s coverage of Johhny Cochran’s death. It can be described as no less than simpering. Really.

    According to MSNBC Cochran was a champion of the falsly accused (including OJ) and civil rights. Nothing negetive or controversial was ever mention which flies in the face of their coverage of the Pope’s death.

    As usual the MSM makes their position known when it comes to “right vs. left”.

    I hate the idea that the Pope’s death ahs been politicized, but that’s the way the MSM makes their budget, right? The Pope is a controversial figure but Johnny Cochran is not? It’s sickening.

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