Daily Archives: April 17, 2005

Tarheel Tavern week 8

This weeks Tar Heel Tavern is up at Pseudonymous UNC Student. Go visit, good stuff.

For all the Dodgers haters

Click for the big picture. (won’t happen. Old Typepad stuff)

Sorta Blogless Sunday

Almost at 40,000 hits. Who will it be? Whoever it is, thanks to everyone who comes by my little spot on the Internet(s). Updateamundo: According to Sitemeter, 40K was Ogre! Thanks, O!

Can the Indonesians catch a break?

Add another earthquake to the list, that being a 5.4 and a 6.3 in Indonesia. Something that has snuck under the radar is the volcano watch in Indonesia. We have heard about chance of Mount Talang going off, but what of this? Mount Talang is among 11 rumbling volcanoes that are under close watch for […]

A week late

Took awhile, but I finally found the solution to Jody’s fishy problem. A suit that allows fish to live outside water. Hope this helps.

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