Daily Archives: April 2, 2005

Pope John Paul II

I mourn the passing of Pope John Paul II. Though I am not a Catholic, I virtually grew up with this Pope, watching his effect on the People of the Earth. A passionate man, a Holy man. God’s representative on Earth. How many people did he personally affect? Only they know. I have spent many […]

Changing Up a bit

As ye can see, I have played around with the colors. My question is do you, the reader, like it? I am so used to the old scheme that I cannot rightly tell yet. I liked that the side bar color in the old scheme went all the way down in IE, but that didn’t […]

A taste of Down East

One of the most compelling parts about North Carolina is barbecue. Now, I’m not talking about ribs, and the word is most sointenlly NOT a verb or adjective. It is a noun denoting the smoking of either the shoulder or the hole pig for long hours to produce a concontion of shredded pigs meat, known […]

American Flag Bidness

Wow. I cannot believe that I have forgotten to add Basil to the American Flag League, with that flag staring me in the face for weeks. My apologies, Basil. Welcome to the League, matie!

Basil be Da Man!

Basil certainly pulled out all the stops for April Fool’s Day, and, like Beth, I must crown him King of April Fool’s Day Others tried. Wizbang gave it a shot, but, you knew it had to be a joke. IMAO, knew it had to be a joke. Most knew Itsapundit was a joke, but, it […]

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