Basil be Da Man!

Basil certainly pulled out all the stops for April Fool’s Day, and, like Beth, I must crown him

King of April Fool’s Day

Others tried. Wizbang gave it a shot, but, you knew it had to be a joke. IMAO, knew it had to be a joke. Most knew Itsapundit was a joke, but, it was so well crafted and so well done by all the contributors that it did not matter, plus, it was supposed to be known for the joke it was. Well, done, Basil, well done.

Basil has stated that he will leave it up for us to still post on. I hope people do. I will. I tend to typically write articles, not quick links, and Itsapundit is a great place to post quick links to stuff I run across. If I post as William Teach instead of Puppy Blender, y’all forgive me, ya hear?

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4 Responses to “Basil be Da Man!”

  1. Now, the filthy lies about Itsapundit may begin! Wait… no… Heh. ^-^

  2. basil says:

    Thanks for making yesterday special. I had a wonderful time reading everything.

    And I look forward to more of your posts on Itsapundit.

    Thanks again.

  3. Jeremy says:

    That was incredible. I was actually itsalanched!

    Screw Glenn, I’ll chill with Glenda any day.

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