Air Deadbeat. Literally

I ran across this little ditty from Blue State Conservatives via the hacked Puppy Blender site, and it should be an eye opener for any liberals, er, progressives out there. The BSC’s quote the Radio Equalizer:

And it isn’t too new to measure, especially not in New York City, where
WLIB’s just-released numbers show, in the broadest audience measurement
of adults 12+, that Air America’s flagship station has declined to a
tiny 1.1 share of the audience. There’s a full year of data to look at
now and the picture isn’t pretty for lib talk.

This is below where the station stood a year ago with its previous
Caribbean specialty format and a drop from a 1.2 share last month. In
the Fall 2004 Arbitron survey, WLIB had a 1.4 share of the radio
listening audience, so it is safe to say it’s actually shrinking in

Since they were nice enough to provide a link to check my local market, and went and did so. WCHL-1360 in Chapel Hill doesn’t even appear on the list for Raleigh. Which means they aren’t even garnering a 0.1 share. The station that carries Rush and Hannity, WPTF, garners a 5.6. And who is number 1? Yup, a country station. So much for the redneckistan theories.

Hey, I bet for a $10 spot I could buy a 30 second commercial spot. Get all the Chapel Hill libs, er, progressives, to troll by my site. Na, would get a better return from a lunch and dinner at Taco Bell.

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2 Responses to “Air Deadbeat. Literally”

  1. moehawk says:

    you’d definitely get some kind of return from lunch and dinner at Taco Bell…
    would be better than Libs, any day.

  2. Tom says:

    Below a Caribbean specialty format!

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