Daily Archives: April 23, 2005

Isn’t she a beauty?

  Nothing intense this week for the Tavern. Just a picture of this little darling, which has actually been nesting outside of the mall for a few weeks. Surprisingly, no one has been attacked by either her or the gander yet, I supposed there are a few bright folks in the world who realize they […]

It’s not the proof, but the seriousness of the allegations

Looks like the ice is getting a bit thinner under Nancy Pelosi: House Republicans yesterday called on Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to provide documentation to prove that a Washington lobbyist firm did not pay for a trip she and other Democrats took to Puerto Rico in 2001.     "We feel that such lingering questions […]

Stoopedist moment meme II

Billy Budd at American Dinosaur has his monent up.

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