Isn’t she a beauty?

Image hosting by Photobucket  Nothing intense this week for the Tavern. Just a picture of this little darling, which has actually been nesting outside of the mall for a few weeks. Surprisingly, no one has been attacked by either her or the gander yet, I supposed there are a few bright folks in the world who realize they should stay away. I took this and a few others with  my digital camera, but the other 2 were slightly too far away, and came out a bit blurry.

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4 Responses to “Isn’t she a beauty?”

  1. moehawk says:

    that sure is a tasty-looking goose.

    thanks for welcoming me into the American Flag League. i’m damn proud of my country, and for everything that my country has to be proud of. like baseball, for instance…:)
    and the right to spell your name however you want it to be spelled. with caps or not.
    it’s “oystersnout”. not “Oystersnout”.

    however, since you are a Dodgers fan, i’ll let it slide knowing that you did it just to get a reaction out of me and keep the baseball smack-talk going.

    GO GIANTS!!!

  2. Ron Hudson says:

    Years ago, Dennis Rogers of the N&O wrote a column about an attack duck at a lumber yard in Wilmington. It was hilarious. An attach goose sounds even more painful!

  3. JulieB says:

    Geese are usually pretty pugnacious. They make great watch …. animals. (my dog just glared at me)

    I’m ever entertained by how the wildlife ignores us and just goes on about their business. We have a street here that a bunch of snowy egrets nest in every year. It’s actually the center divide of a four lane street with eucalyptus trees in the middle. Thing about egrets tho, is that they eat mostly fish. eeeuuuww. For the brief time they are nesting the air is a bit punguent!

  4. Patty-Jo says:

    There is a goose nesting next to one of the ponds at my dad’s place. It was there last year too. Stupid bird keeps building it’s nest too close to the water. Last year the whole thing fell into the pond. As soon as we get a heavy rain it’ll go into the pond again. Evidently they’re not real quick learners.

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