NC now has a lottery

And, as predicted, the money is going towards education. However, not quite how one thinks:

House Bill 1023 approved by the full House would divvy up the funds from a lottery into three areas: 50 percent would go to school construction, 25 percent would go to college scholarships and 25 percent would go to special programs for education in the state.

Hmm. Where’s the money for say, paying teachers and aides for K-12? Oh, wait, we’re going to build more schools. Won’t be able to properly compensate the teachers for the schools. Well, we’ll just raise taxes. That’s the answer. The only good thing I can say is that, except for that special programs bit, it is rather specific, and at least that special programs is supposed to have something to do with education. Why not take that 25% for college scholarships and put it into paying teachers and providing more school supplies? Money motivates. Teachers also do not need to be spending their personal money for supplies. I have teacher friends who do that. College is not the States responsibility. K-12 is.

It passed 61-59.

Ogre has more here.

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One Response to “NC now has a lottery”

  1. Ogre says:

    Oh, it’s much worse than that. The way the bill was worded, any majority vote can completely change where the money goes. And the 50% that goes to construction means that money will not be provided from the general fund, effectively increasing spending for construction exactly $0.00. And the “scholarships?” Those will be offset 100% by tuition increases within 1 year.

    Wait, there’s more — the “special programs?” That’s the “More at 4” and other pre-K programs that have been repeatedly proven to have zero effect on anyone, and also will be offset by decreases in funding from the general fund. Yes, it really is 100% crap.

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