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Blogs for Bush is having a design contest for a new stamp. (hat tip blogoddess Beth)

So we’re proposing our own “response” to this (the nutbags who made the nasty kill Bush stamps as art). Blogs For Bush is going to have a stamp design contest, where you can put your Photoshop skills to work to create a tasteful stamp that is pro-Bush, pro-America, or pro-troops.”

Here is my humble submission. It is good to use my photoshopping abilities for good, not evil, for a change. For those who have seen some of me work, ye will understand. For those that haven’t search hillary, boxer, or pelosi.

Update: Here is the link for the submissions at B4B.

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4 Responses to “Design a Stamp”

  1. Jeremy says:

    I’ve been thinking of doing up a photoshop of Bush being crucified (ala Jesus) will all the jihadis, congresspersons (HA!), media agents, et. al. down below protesting. Would putting a yellow glow behind him be too much?

    (It’s just an idea. My skills with photoshop aren’t that good yet.)

  2. Beth says:

    I LOVE your stamp!

    Don’t worry Jeremy, my CREATIVE skills suck. If I had a great idea (fat chance) I could probably do something with it, but I have no artistic imagination!

  3. I tend to disagree, Beth. Your site speaks for itself.

    That’s a good idea, Jeremy. Give it a shot. Cannot get better unless you try it. I don’t really use photoshop for most of the pictures. I have it, but use Microsoft PictureIt. I just know it better.

  4. Jeremy says:

    If I can get my background image done to my liking I’ll do what I can.

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