Leave your lighter

Beginning today, flyers are no longer allowed to bring lighters on board airline flights into the passenger compartment. Lighters have already been banned for over 30 years from the cargo area, ie, none in your checked baggage.

This has already been announced 45 days ago, so people do not have much recourse to b*tch and moan. You know they will, though. Leave the lighter at home, leave it in the car. Give it to someone coming off the plane. Perhaps the TSA could start a lighter exchange program at the exit security gate for those that are jonesing for a smoke.

Matches are still allowed on flights, except for self striking ones. One issue is what about those coming from overseas? What if they are say, flying into Newark and then catching a connecting flight to elsewhere? They will not be going through security checkpoints here, and whether security overseas will stop them is questionable.

For those who think it is a dumb idea, consider that shoebomber Richard Reid might have been able to light that bomb had he had a lighter. Also, do you really need one on a plane? Smokers, bring a pack of matches, you’ll survive. Maybe.

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5 Responses to “Leave your lighter”

  1. Ogre says:

    And why is it OK for me to have a pack of matches? I guess I can’t light my bomb with matches, only with a lighter?

    Pure stupidity. But then again, I refuse to fly because I will not put up with such crap.

  2. That was brought up during the hearings, but they figured that matches were ok, no explanation for that reasoning. It’s gubermint.

  3. jody says:

    Maybe it has something to do with the fluid. It could just be lightning fluid or it could be some harmful toxin replacing the ordinary lighter…or…oh I don’t know…

  4. I think it is a vast left wing conspiracy against the tobacco farmers. 🙂

    Really, the big problem would be to identify those with matches on them. Easy to pick up a lighter on a metal scanner, but matches, nope.

  5. Jeremy says:

    I’m thinkin’ it’s just a ploy to get all of those Kewl Zippos. I can’t wait for them to put up an auction for em’!

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