Are you friggin’ kidding me?????

I am flabbergasted. Totaly and completely flabbergasted.

With North Carolina’s Hispanic population booming – and Hispanic children dropping out of school at alarming rates – lawmakers introduced a bill Tuesday that would extend resident tuition rates at public universities to the children of illegal immigrants.

Former Gov. Jim Hunt returned to the General Assembly to show his support for the legislation, which is sponsored in the House by two Republicans and two Democrats. The measure would give in-state tuition to students who attended schools in North Carolina for at least four consecutive years before graduation. Young people in the country would have to apply for legal immigration status to receive the resident rate.

"It is morally right and it is economically necessary for our state,"Hunt said. "We need these students. They have worked hard. They have excelled in high school. We need them to get all the education they can get."

This is not a joke. The nimrods in Raleigh (the State capital) are actually pushing this tripe. They actually believe this. This is what you get with Democrats in charge.

"It’s amazing that 35 politicians are so out of touch with their constituents," said William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration.

Not so amazing for North Carolina. All the polls suggest that the People of North Carolina are very much against illegal immigrants. The People were very upset about giving drivers liscenses to illegals. Even the media columnists were against this. And trust me, they are Left wing in the Raleigh area.

Supporters of the bill say the alternative is a growing number of young Hispanics without a college education even in the face of growing demand for bilingual workers. Supporters expect 480 students to 1,345 students to apply for admission to University of North Carolina schools this year if the bill passes.

Like I give a rats ass about their education. They are here in my country illegally. I really do not care, as the story goes on to say, if these children of illegals are not being educated. Really. Don’t care one bit. What part of the word "illegal" do the law makers not get? If they are here illegally, you do not give them an education: you deport their asses back to their home country. Period.

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8 Responses to “Are you friggin’ kidding me?????”

  1. Ogre says:

    I keep trying to explain that the “leaders” in Raleigh really, honestly DO NOT CARE what the people want.

    Yes, the really do think it is completely fair and normal for them to make someone from South Carolina pay more for services than someone who breaks the law and is from Mexico.

    To those with logical minds, it makes no sense whatsoever. But your state legislature doesn’t care — they know only about 5% of them will face ANY competition in re-election, so they know you literally cannot do anything about it.

    In a week, this will be forgotten because people are too busy to care — after all, Johnny’s got soccer practice.

  2. yeah, but sometimes something like this just jumps out. It is still surprising how clueless the critters can be.

  3. NC also allows illegals to have driver’s licenses as well, don’t they? I can’t say I’m surprised that Democrats are trying to score political points with Hispanics, but it is going to be up to Tarheel bloggers to put pressure on the press and legislators to expose just how bad of an idea this really is, perhaps by explaining which services are going to sacrificed for legal citizens.

    A smart person would point out that every tax dollar spent on illegals is a tax dollar that is taken away from legal Hispanic residents that could use that money for their kids.

    Divide and conquer, baby.

  4. Hey, I’m a right wing nutjob and I live in Raleigh :p

  5. Me too. Sometimes I feel like driving down to the Light and Time Tower and doing something to it as a protest. Then I think of jail, and, well, you know 🙂

  6. Getting rid of that piece of junk would be doing the city a favor. It’s an eyesore. But I guess that’s the point, we have government that will spend excessive amounts of money on that crap.

  7. Billy Budd says:

    Welcome to ARIZONA! All the feel good politics don’t feel good anymore. Too much of a good thing?

  8. rkross says:

    Though all their seats may be safe from the voters, we’re not TOTALLY impotent. We could put a referendum on the ballot authorizing illegal aliens to bunk in that press conference room our legislators are so solicitous of.

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