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This I like

For those who pop in to my little site know, I pretty much never name who I have added to my personal blogroll. To the American Flag one, always. To my Jammies Brigade, nope. However, I have to give a shout-out to Abi Rhodes’ Zigzag Wanderings, who has me listed under Wacky Blogs. I like […]

NC Hispanic License Applicants Down

Hmm, this seems to be good news:  Fewer Hispanics applied for and received driver’s licenses last year – an average 25 percent less each month – after new restrictions imposed following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. In February 2004, the state Division of Motor Vehicles stopped accepting foreign passports without a U.S. immigration stamp, […]

American Flag Bidness

Give a hearty welcome to Moonbattery. Welcome aboard, matie! Update: added Willisms. Welcome aboard, matie!

Tarheel Tavern

This weeks Tarheel Tavern is up at Dirty Greek. Go check it out. Next weeks will be hosted by Chewie World Order, so make sure you get you entries in. My apologies to Dirty Greek for forgetting the shout-out last week. Also, in a housekeeping bit, and, also, to make sure that NZ Bear doesn’t […]

A question for you on Living Wills/DNR’s/death wishes

My question is this: how many out there have discussed, or will discuss, their stances for their own Living Will, DNR, and/or death wishes with not just their spouse/significant other, but their parents, siblings, and even friends? Now, I am not married, and I am an only child. But, I cannot conceive of not discussing […]

As bad as the DU? Amazing

And I thought nothing could possibly match the Democratic Underground for general moonbattery. For abusive, insulting content. For having absolutely no agenda other then “hate Bush.” Then, I found this one (hattip to Fight4Truth, a lefty on a political forum). Whitehouse.org. How sad this site is. It is a classic case of those on the […]

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