NC Hispanic License Applicants Down

Hmm, this seems to be good news:

 Fewer Hispanics applied for and received
driver’s licenses last year – an average 25 percent less each month –
after new restrictions imposed following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist

In February 2004, the state Division of Motor Vehicles
stopped accepting foreign passports without a U.S. immigration stamp,
most foreign birth certificates and a popular Mexican identification
card known as the matricula consular. The DMV also stopped
accepting tax records of any kind or birth and marriage certificates
from countries other than the United States and Canada.

Critics argued that North Carolina’s liberal acceptance of many IDs
made the state a destination for people looking for easy access to a
driver’s license.

Now do NOT back off from the pressure that Hispanic groups put on you, State Legislature critters. Listen to the majority of NC citizens who do not want illegals to be given any sort of ID.

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One Response to “NC Hispanic License Applicants Down”

  1. Collin Baber says:

    They can come to Maine to escape such thinking.

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