Daily Archives: March 1, 2005

Unlike the Left, Iraqi’s get it

HILLAH, Iraq – Thousands of mostly black-clad Iraqis protested Tuesday outside a medical clinic where a suicide car bomber killed 125 people a day earlier, braving the threat of another attack as they waved clenched fists, condemned foreign fighters and chanted "No to terrorism!" Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s terror group, which has repeatedly seized foreigners and […]

WOT: Difference between Left and Right

Since the radical division between the Left and Right occurred in the months after 9/11, we have seen both sides take different stances on the War on Terror, particularly in the media and the vocal Left. Daniel Pipes of Front Page Magazine illustrates this very well in this article: For a free people in the […]

Sign the 180’s John!

John Kerry has flip flopped multiple times on releasing his 180’s. See this previous post for the back and forth waffleing by big weenie. He has stated unequivically that he will sign his Form 180 without conditions. Lets help him with this. It’s been 30 days since he said he would sign his 180’s. Time […]

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