Tarheel Tavern

This weeks Tarheel Tavern is up at Dirty Greek. Go check it out.

Next weeks will be hosted by Chewie World Order, so make sure you get you entries in. My apologies to Dirty Greek for forgetting the shout-out last week.

Also, in a housekeeping bit, and, also, to make sure that NZ Bear doesn’t frag me, my Ecosphere ranking is exagerated. I have 130 extra links from having my domain name forwarded to this blog. It never happended before when I forwarded it, but, did this time. If they do not drop off soon, I am going to ask NZ to manually remove them. While it would be great to be a Playful Primate, don’t want to do it by cheating.

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  1. Chewie says:

    Thanks for getting the plug in. Send me sump’in’!

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