MSM’s avoiding Sgrena Story

A scan through the front pages of many of the Nations largest MSM’s reveals that most of them do not want to touch the Giuliana Sgrena story, at least not as a front page story. Not CNN, not the NY Times, not the Boston Globe, Washington Post, Nyet, nor the LA Times. This is a good thing, since these vastly Left leaning outlets realize that her story just doesn’t hold water. FoxNews and the Washington Times, 2 Right leaners, do carry an AP story on their front pages, as well as MSNBC, who seems to be taking a more centrist position as of late.

Italy’s foreign minister said Tuesday that the car carrying an intelligence officer killed by U.S. fire in Iraq last week was not speeding up and did not receive signals to stop, countering suggestions by American authorities.

"The car was traveling at a velocity that couldn’t have been more than 40 kilometers (25 miles) per hour," Fini said. There were no attempts to stop the car, as indicated by the U.S. military, he added.

Was he there? No, he was not. He is taking Sgrena’s position without proof other then the word of a Communist who hates the United States. Her story, or should I say, stories, are all over the place. Shot by tanks, no tanks, driving to the point where it might lose control, driving sedately. Me, I’ll take the US position until shown proof otherwise. Plus, as many bloggers have noted, if we wanted her dead, she would be dead, and we could easily have made it look like a terrorist hit. In fact, would that not have made the terrorists look even worse, killing her after being paid a $6 million ransom? Instead, our brave soldiers stopped and took her for medical attention.

Michele Malkin has an interesting article regarding CNN’s inability to properly quote Sgrena and her driver.

More from Little Green Footballs, who link to a story in *gasp* the LA Times entitled "Traveling on a Highway of Dread." The reporter, Alissa Rubin, had travelled on the road mere hours before Giuliana Sgrena did:

Bad things happen on the airport road — all the time. Many people who travel it on a regular basis have a personal horror story, a moment when they thought, "This might be it." Everyone else has a friend who has had one.

Since the war, the airport road has not been any ordinary highway. It is a battleground; a place without rules or certainties, a place where there are no guarantees of safety for civilians or soldiers of any nationality.

For the ordinary traveler, there are two hazards: the wary, short-fused American troops who have lost dozens of their comrades to roadside bombs and ambushes, and the insurgents who target the U.S. military convoys that ply the route.

It is a road to be approached with caution, with a plan, with wariness of every other car and every American convoy.

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