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A few tidbits on the Sgrena affair. I refuse to call it Sgrenagate like the DU loons. Here’s a great one from the AP. Headline: "Hostage’s joy quickly turned to Disaster." I’m shocked that the AP would take that tone (snicker). Besides, Sgrena seemed like she was having a good time with the terrorists, er, insurgents. It is a long bloviating article that, in my humble opinion, takes a decidedly anti US military tone. However, there is an interesting nugget slipped in, probably by accident:

Calipari made "all the necessary contacts … with American military authorities dealing with airport security," including obtaining "a pass guaranteeing free circulation in the airport and surrounding areas," Fini said. ( Italian Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini told Parliament )

Did he?

As for coordinating with the Americans, Calipari "did not provide information about what he was doing in Iraq because we are a sovereign country," Fini told RAI TV.

Did Marioli know the reason for the SISMI men’s arrival? Yes, says Corriere, no says La Repubblica. Both cite Marioli’s report to Rome prosecutors.

Woops. Remember, though, this is coming from Fin. I am not attempting to smear Calipari.

Meanwhile, as the U.S. Embassy would later confirm, a U.S. checkpoint has gone up as part of extra security for Ambassador John Negroponte, who is headed to the U.S. base Camp Victory near the international airport. It’s at that checkpoint that the rescue car will be fired on.

Negroponte gets to Camp Victory at 8 p.m., roughly the time when the van leading the Italians stops in an unlit area. The passenger points to a car by a house, then the van takes off, Fini says.

So, if I am reading this correctly, since the Italians did not inform the US Authorities about what was going on, neither side would have been aware of the US checkpoint which was established on a dangerous road, and at night, made all the more dangerous by the rain.

According to this report, " Sgrena says the fire was coming from "the right-hand side and from behind." " Yet the pictures clearly show a bullet hole in the windshield. Nor do they show any fire from the rear. Nor are there published pictures of the rear or, how about this, the RIGHT SIDE of the car. Not a one of that side.

The basics are if we wanted her dead, she would be. My Pet Jawa has more on Sgrena lying.

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