It’s the media’s fault

There is a bill in the NC Legislature to toughen seat belt laws, forcing all passengers to wear one, raising the fines for non-compliance from $25 to $50, and giving the driver 1 point. Barry Bonds says it’s the media’s fault. I wonder what he would say about school buses not having seat belts?

NC may soon get a "shaggin‘" liscense plate. Barry Bonds blames the media.

Cass at Villainous Company has an interesting post on the whole FEC/Blogs thing. Required reading. Bonds blames the media.

Basil and Sortapundit have a 24 hour cessation of hostilites in effect. "The media is at fault" claims Barry Bonds.

Tish is playing with balls. She is also up for King (queen?) of the Blogs. Go vote for her. I did. I cannot trackback to her till later this evening. Barry told me to blame the media.

The Pirate is edumacating Little Miss Attila on the finer points of testosterone based movies. "Good..bad…I’m the one with the steroids."

HundredPercenter takes issue with me, Glenn, and Jordan. That’s OK. We all have our own opinions. "It’s the media’s fault" says Barry Bonds.

A Duke U student has been tagged with a Federal offense for making fake ID’s. Why isn’t Timothy Toomey being charged? Bonds says the media is to blame.

And not a one of me hearties are wearing pirate thongs.

PS: trackback to Tish accomplished. Also, there is no "read more" in the post. If one types anything in the post continuation box, cannot take it away without starting again.

More: woops, forgot a trackback to The Pirate.

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5 Responses to “It’s the media’s fault”

  1. Tish says:

    I’m not a bonds fan by any means. Thanks for the vote and trackback. I am so IGNORANT when it comes to that, I can’t figure out trackbacking. I blame the media.

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