This has got to hurt

Headline on

Iraqi, U.S. forces overrun rebel base, kill 85

Not one mention in the headline of US or Iraqi troops wounded or killed in the headline. Has someone kidnapped all the CNN supervisory staff?

A few quick blurbs.

The U.S. role in the battle was primarily to provide helicopter
support, the U.S. military official said. The battle "is another
indication of [the insurgents’] diminished capabilities," the official

It’s also another indication that the Iraqi’s are becoming much more capable a fighting force on by themselves.

After entering the camp, Iraqi commandos found non-Iraqi passports,
training publications, propaganda documents, weapons and ammunition,
the U.S. military said.

It would be nice to know from which country those passports were from. Have to go to the Libs favorite, Fox News, for a little more 411

An officer in charge of the Iraqi commandos said
Tuesday’s raid turned up booby-trapped cars, suicide-bomber vests,
weapons and training documents and that a number of Philippines, a
fighter from Afghanistan, and Arabs from nearby countries he didn’t
name were among the insurgents.

It’s so nice of these insurgents to come into our web. Much easier then hunting them down around the world, eh?

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