Smells like a setup to me

Italian "hostage" Giuliana Sgrena was released today, then injured by US Forces as her car sped towards a roadblock setup in Iraq near the Baghdad airport. Smells fishy, rather like a setup. Much like her kidnapping in the first place. See Dr. Shackleford at My Pet Jawa for the 411.

I cannot wait to see what all the lefties on some of the communist Leftist blogs say, as well as more from the DU and the political forum I post on. Perhaps Ms Sgrena should have taken some responsibility for her actions in refusing to stop for a roadblock manned by folks with big guns wearing military uniforms. This isn’t some TV show, lady.

Update: After perusing about 20 or so Democratic blogs, many of which I consider VERY partisan, and the political forum, I have to say that this story is, in the few instances I have seen it, being treated with kid gloves. No specualtion, no anti Bush rhetoric, nada. Of course, most of them have zip on the story as well. The DU, on the other hand, is nuts.

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5 Responses to “Smells like a setup to me”

  1. JulieB says:

    Ha ha ha, yup, must be Commies!
    I heard about this story on PBS on the way to work. Haven’t heard any updates, tho, as to conjectures on what happened. Hmmm.

  2. Jeremy says:

    The same thing happend here as what happened about a month ago: people didn’t stop for a checkpoint and potentially endangered the lives of U.S. Marines and/or Soldiers. The servicemembers took their safety into their own hands and defended themselves from what they could only assume was a bomber…

    To be completely honest though, I can see exactly how this went down in my minds eye:

    1.Italian gets released from captors(or not).
    2.Italian wants to get the hell out of Iraq as fast as humanly possible.
    3. Italian drives like a bat out of hell to get to the airport.
    4. Italian forgets that armed Marines are actually ARMED!
    5. We read about the situation on the news.
    6. End of story.

    They shouldn’t have been out after cerfew anyway and anyone with any sense knows it…even “I hate Republicans and everything they stand for” Democrats have figured this out.

    Of course, that’s just my two cents.

  3. I think that is the way most seem to be seeing it. When I don’t see any sites which are usually into the conspiracies touching it, makes me skeptical about the veracity of Sgrena.

  4. JulieB says:

    It sounds like the guys at the checkpoint went thru all the usual procedure and the driver just ignored it. Why?
    Maybe time to hunt down an Italian newspaper…

  5. Ogre says:

    To add to the setup — the author was a writer for a Communist newspaper.

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