Welcome to the World of Fraud

Wow. So, I recieved a call from my credit card companies fraud department, asking if I made a $3000 purchase on the internet. I said "no damn way." I hadn’t even called in to activate the card. I’ve had it since Feb 2004, it is a backup card. The only thing I have ever bought on my regular card was my laptop last June, since the card gave me no interest through Jan 2005. So, welcome me to the wonderful world of fraud.

Not sure if this is the funniest part or the saddest part, but the slightly more then $3900 that was fraudulently charged was to a religious merchandise website.

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5 Responses to “Welcome to the World of Fraud”

  1. Ogre says:

    Oh. That was YOUR card? Sorry about that… 😉

  2. Julie says:

    OH MY! It’s good your card company called you, huh?

  3. It was an eye opener, to say the least.

  4. Chad says:

    I got that call about 2 months ago. Nothing like your charges, but after a few test charges, they went for a dell laptop.
    So I gotsa new card number already…

  5. What really annoyed me the most that I hadn’t even activated the card. I asked them, and they said that all that needed to be done was call in to an auto response system, that doesn’t even verify proprietary info. Just silly. SOmeone will be eating that money, but it won’t be me.

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