No Fun League

No, I’m not referring to the NFL. Referring to much of the Left-o-sphere. After reading Dr. Shacklefords post on The Daily Kos and their "interview with the Devil," my first thought was the treatment that the Left affords the Right. Look at the language used. From the Right, we get moonbats, demaloons, nutjobs, wacko’s, idiots. From the "reality based community" we get Bushlerites, nazi’s, fascists, monsters, murderers, etc. Quite a difference, eh? I perused quite a few from Kos and others blogrolls, and it wasn’t pretty. Sure, there are some Right wing blogs who take the same tone, but, out of the 100-150 that I peruse at least once a week, I do not see this. Take a look at the folks in the top 100 in the Ecosphere, and see the difference in tone towards the opposition. Right wing blogs tend to take a tone more of bemusement, condescension, and laughter at the Left. The Left tends to view the Right as minions of Lucifer.

However, one of the big things I noticed is the lack of fun on Left wing blogs. Sure, there are some, like Julie With a B and Anonymoses, who have lots of fun. Then again, I do not include Julie and Anonymoses as Lefties, but rather as Liberals. They aren’t the DU style people, and, while I may not agree with many of their political stances, they are not moonbats. So many of the Leftoids are, though, and they have little fun. Kos is virtually non stop condemnation of "Bushco." Where is the fun? Look at some of the big Righty blogs, such as The Captain’s Quarters, Powerline, and the Jawa Report. They all handle some very serious issues, but they all take time to have some fun, such as Captain Ed and Dr. S discussing South Park, Dr. S and White Trash Wednesday, Powerline putting up some nice photos, etc. Look at the blog war between Basil and Sortapundit. That’s fun. Then there is Bad Example and Beautiful Atrocities. Tell me they aren’t fun. You have the Commissar, Blame Bush, Right Wing Sparkle, Ogre, American Warmonger, and so many more that I could mention that have fun in between deep political and issue based posts. I just do not see this same thing going on at Lefty blogs, for the most part.

And, yes, I do check alot of Lefty blogs outs. I run across them on Blog Explosion, and peruse them from blogrolls such as the Progressive Alliance and on sites such as Pussilanimous Wankers (who does have some fun, to be honest). Those fun internet tests? Never see them on lefty sites. Humorous non political pictures? A rarity. Lighten up, folks. Have some fun with your blog. Talk about pirate thongs. Loosen up.

Obviously, I am painting with a broad brush. Those on the left who have some fun, other then those I mentioned (who are on my blogroll incidently, because I like their writing), know who they are. Unfortunately, too many take the Kos method.

Furthermore, I apologize for the general lack of linkage in this post. Notice I didn’t even do the linky thing with "pirate thongs," either. This is fun:

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    6 Responses to “No Fun League”

    1. phin's blog says:

      Those wild and crazy DU’ers

      Capt’n Teach over at Pirates Cove noticed that for the most part the Lefty Bloggers aren’t having any fun. They really are a hate filled group, and as if the Deamoncratic Underground and it’s underlings weren’t already pathetic enough, they’re now su…

    2. dc says:


      Let the record reflect … it’s been a tough week with the Schiavo case, for sure. But we have lots of fun at the Cutter. I agree with you.

      The Left is fairly dour, while the conservatives are whoopin’ it up. It helps to be a whoopin’ twit like me.

    3. JulieB says:

      I think you’re right Teach. OK, Right and right… the Left doesn’t have as much fun. I pull most of my internet quizzes and silly stuff from the Right, and predominantly from a couple sites. Harvey at Bad Example, Steve and Rob at the Llama Butchers, are heavy hitters in the fun to read category.
      From Kathy at Cake Eaters I got the current “Interview” meme… c’mon over and anti-up!
      HOWEVER, check out Life or Something Like It. Jess often has fun stuff up and he’s a Liberal sort.

    4. You’re correct Julie, I did forget Life or Something Like It, an honest error. Now, there are certainly some Rightwingers who are WAY to serious all the time. The thing is, except for a few Left wing blogs, I rarely run across some who have fun. They need to loosen up. They need to emulate you more then Kos. And, I might add, I am completely serious.

    5. JulieB says:

      Teach…. c’mon over and do the interview meme…

    6. anonymoses says:

      See what you’ve started!!

      Left, liberal, progressive…these are all labels in the main. Most people are not part of an organized movement. And if they are, it is on the Right, and they are doing some pretty extreme things, largely to simply serve themselves.

      I am not one of those. Call me what you will.

      I like to check my philosophy and thinking against thinkers of the past, of distant places, and with high recommendation…as well as my own conscience, and what I have learnt from my caring parents. Much of what I dislike about today’s most vocal RepCons is not that it is against the Democratic Party, the DNC, the DLC, or any such small-minded partisanship…but rather that it is against the Tao, the teachings of Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Epictetus, Martin Buber, Rumi, Hillel, and other wise folks who were not pulling for Bush OR Kerry. I couldn’t care less what Tom Daschle or Joe Lieberman have to say on the matter. Fact is…many party leaders have gone astray. But the Democratic principles still guide the majority. From what I can tell.

      It is wise to look outside the system, if only to make sure you are not trapped within it.

      Oftentimes people honor their parents by assuming their political mantle, and I can understand that. I just hope that some day, wiser Republicans will start to crack down on the egregious elements within your protection, such as the polluters, and start trying to be better stewards, rather than just people on the take.

      I enjoy our discussions…


    Pirate's Cove