Was Bush Right?

Sean at Everthing I Know is Wrong, among others, has commented on the UK Independents story on "Was Bush right after all?".  The UK Independent gives grudging huzzah’s to President Bush, or, as they more often refer to him, Mr. Bush, over the freedoms that are breaking out in the Middle East. A couple points for them.

  1. It is President Bush. Would the Independent be a little PO’d if the American press called Queen Elizabeth as Mrs. Windsor?
  2. It wasn’t the Bush admin who wanted to suspend or dilute the Iraqi elections: it was the Democrats and the UN.
  3. The Iraq war wasn’t about finding WMD. It was about enforcing 17 UN Resolutions and keeping Saddam from getting WMD. Please read the 2003 SOTU again.

Obviously, it is still to early to say things are really going great, but the steps towards democracy, or at least some freedom, are being taken in the Middle East. It won’t happen over night.  This is a long term effort.

Let me reference this poorly written post (which I explain why it was in the post) form way back:

Settle down Iraq, settle down much ME terrorism in the long run.
Provide better living conditions and education, as well as hope, to ME
people’s, and much of the purpose of organized terrorism will disappear.

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