Loons Gone Wild

So, I figure I will persuse the Left-o-sphere, get a few laughs at the moonbattery, so, had to start with Kos of course, maties. And what do I see but a story about an ultra-moonbat who has invented a device that blocks out the Fox News channel. DavidNYC, who wrote the post, says "I gotta love "this kind of ingenuity." He also plans to get one himself.

It’s not that Sam Kimery objects to the views expressed on Fox News. The creator of the "Fox Blocker" contends the channel is not news at all. Kimery figures he’s sold about 100 of the little silver bits of metal that screw into the back of most televisions, allowing people to filter Fox News from their sets, since its August debut.

Gee, wiz, sparky, maybe you can just change the channel, huh? You can also take Fox off of your favorite channels, something you can do with most VCR’s, TV’s, and cable boxes these days. Marvelous what we can do with technology these days, eh?

The Tulsa, Okla., resident also has received thousands of e-mails, both angry and complimentary – as well as a few death threats.

Proof? No? Then shaddup.

Kimery now contends Fox News’ top-level management dictates a conservative journalistic bias, that inaccuracies are never retracted, and what winds up on the air is more opinion than news. "I might as well be reading tabloids out of the grocery store," he says. "Anything to get a rise out of the viewer and to reinforce certain retrograde notions."

A Fox spokeswoman at the station’s New York headquarters said the channel’s ratings speak for themselves. For the first three months of this year, Fox has been averaging 1.62 million viewers in prime-time, compared with CNN’s 805,000, according to Nielsen Media Research.


And he’s taking this message to the network’s advertisers. After buying the $8.95 device online, would-be blockers are shown a letter that they can send to advertisers via the Fox Blocker site.

"The point is not to block the channel or block free speech but to raise awareness," said Kimery, who works in the tech industry.

Really? I would say that his purpose is to make some money off of half the moonbats, who will flock to purchase his device. So far, let’s see. 100 sold, $8.95 a pop, a cool $895 for little work. The other half of moonbat nation watches Fox, just like the listen to Hannity and Rush, to get their daily coniption fox fit fix.

Kimery doesn’t use the device himself; his remote is programmed to only a half-dozen channels. Plus he occasionally feels the need to tune into Fox News for something "especially heinous."

Oops. He is pulling the same thing Moore did with F/911. Taking moonbats for all they are worth. The FoxBlocker website is here. Go laugh.

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3 Responses to “Loons Gone Wild”

  1. Censorship is Hailed by the Media!

    By now most of you have heard about the guy who……

  2. JulieB says:

    With you on this one. I saw the same article and wondered why you would buy said device? Just change the channel. Oh duh! Thats what a remote does, eh? I don’t watch any of the TV news channels. I read the papers, listen to the local PBS station on my computer at work, and cruise whatever on the ‘net. That’s called “choice” and we still have that.

  3. Unfortunately, there are many DUer types who will, and have, purchased it. To be fair, there would probably be a few ultra extreme rightwingers who would by a cBS blocker, but it does play right into the DUer pocketbook, as witness by some of their comments. 🙂

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