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Seems that Katie Reetz of the University of Georgia’s Red and Black doesn’t like blogs. (hat tip The Blog Herald, whose trackback looks messed up)

As the Internet continues to blur the line between real life and its
virtual equivalent, blogging has become the latest sphere to hide
beneath the guise of a reliable news source.

Even the U.S. Court of Appeals has taken notice of the blogging phenomenon.

In a recent discussion, the judges questioned whether bloggers
should be afforded the same rights as journalists, and expressed
skepticism about the lack of oversight in the blogging process.

The key to sound, ethical journalism is transparency.

Readers must know where information comes from: sources must be
cited, facts must be confirmed and stories must be edited to ensure
they are free from bias.

I guess she must really hate Dan Rather and cBS.

Reporters are forbidden to write about organizations they’re involved
with and are ethically bound to have no self-interest in their articles.

Yet we see day in and day out that the MSM’s have their own self interest’s at heart. How many tried to make sure Bush wasn’t re-elected?

A line must be drawn between what is entertainment and what is legitimate journalism.

Yup. Dan Rather is going, along with 5 other cBS employees. I do believe that she misses the point. Very few bloggers proport to be unbiased. That is what makes it work. Opinions, hopefully based on the facts or lack thereoff that come from the MSM’s, no matter how big or small. Now and then, a blogger will break a story by themselves. Just ask Dan, Eason Jordan, and even the minor story about Gannon/Guckert. The regular media avoided these stories like the plague. Most refused to touch the Swift Boat Vets, and still haven’t taken John kerry up on his oath to sign his Form 180’s.

I’m just concerned about confusing the mainstream media with guys
eating Oreos in their parents basement while posting tasty tidbits

Another blatently incorrect and offensive slander. I might have to bump someone else from my Sunday Wedgie Award for you.

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